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Matthews Provides An Example For My Query About Liberals And The Military

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/02

I earlier asked “Why do liberals loathe the military?” That question got heavy enough action that I decided to disable threaded commentary in favor of linear commentary. A liberal or two were offended by my “gotcha” title, despite my disclaimer immediately following.

Obviously PMSNBC’s Chris Matthews did not get the memo that liberals do not loathe the military. Likely he missed it while he was peeing down his leg in utter excitement that Obama was elected President.

Chris declared the US military “enemy territory.”

Obama has made many foul statements regarding the US military and many foul demands of the military. Along with his “victory is not an option” speeches and his catering to the enemy and offending the ally world-wide apology tour, is there any wonder our military has zero respect for their Commander in Chief? Right now, they are saluting the rank and not the person. And even the wacked-out leftist PMSNBC saw that during Obama’s most recent photo-op campaign speech. But of course, they labeled the military as “the enemy” instead of focusing in on the real problem, which is ObamaNation and the various factions of complicity (MSM, ACORN, SEIU, Democrats in Congress).

Again I ask, why do liberals loathe the military?

(H/T Dana Pico and DRJ)

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What Could Go Wrong?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/02

Rifqa and her parents to be ordered to sit down and discuss things? Rifqa’s parents to discuss Islam with Rifqa and Rifqa to discuss her conversion to Christianity with her parents? And this is to be state-mandated?

How many cans of worms will this open, and all to accomplish jack diddly squat?

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