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I Love How Liberals Mock Principled People

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/25

From Shattered Kingdoms®, a game I played for several years, comes this definition of Principled:

If your character is of principled alignment, they will most likely value
life, and freedom above all else. They will strive to protect all people,
especially those who are not able to protect themselves. They even try to
protect those who commit evil acts from themselves, attempting to convince
the evil person to denounce their evil ways. Principled characters try
with all their might to follow and uphold the laws of the land. Those laws
were created for a purpose, to protect those who need protection. Those
laws were most likely placed there by others of the same alignment.
Principled characters try to avoid killing whenever possible, using it as
a last resort, when all other courses of action have been exhausted.

Notice “try” and “strive” in that game definition. And, yes, I know it is a definition for a game. But it is a definition for how to play your character in that game if you decide your character is Principled. And that’s why I brought up that game’s defiition. It mirrors real life. People with principles strive to meet those principles and try to “first, do no harm” in what they do. It doesn’t mean those people are not tempted like everyone else. It doesn’t mean those people do not consider less-than-optimal choices.

Heck, principled people make mistakes like everyone else. And I honestly believe principled people are the people most likely to not live up to their own standards. After all, a standard of perfection is an impossible standard to reach. But principled people work to reach that standard, nonetheless.

And when they fail? Out of the woodwork, just like cockroaches, come the unscrupulous, anarchistic, miscreant, aberrant and diabolical types (you can find definitions of those at that link as well) to mock them. The fact those of us who have principles fail those principles from time to time makes those on the left (those without principles) absolutely giddy. Of course, when those on the left fail those same principles, crickets.

And if a principled person admits to having a foul thought cross her mind (re: Sarah Palin and abortion) and then rejecting it? Those idiot leftists who have no principles jump all over that! “She thought about it!” Bleh. She thought about it and rejected it because she had principles. Let me repeat that. She rejected the so-called “easy way out” because she had principles. She had a firm foundation which allowed her to fight off the evil thought in her mind and actually do the right thing. Not something a leftist can do.

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