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Confessions Of A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/22

I’ve grown up my whole life in the state of Michigan, so I’ve seen firsthand what it’s like to struggle. I’ve seen others struggle and I’ve witnessed it in my own family. In the past, I’ve seen my dad become an unemployment statistic several times. Most recently, back in November. This time was the hardest (for me anyways). I was at the age now where I could fully understand the gravity of the situation. I remember my mom telling me after school and I broke down in the hallway, I knew how much it meant to my dad to be working and providing for our family and now all of a sudden he couldn’t. My immediate (selfish) thought was “What are we going to do about Christmas.” Quickly, I realized that this Christmas was going to have to be about what I needed not necessarily about what I wanted. Christmas was scant this year, but I wasn’t disappointed. I learned a valuable lesson during this time: thankfulness. It’s a shame something like my dad losing his job had to happen for me to realize all that God has blessed my family with. Not once was my family without food or shelter. God provided for our needs and he has continued to provide for them.

That’s the first paragraph of the first article written by the teen-aged girl (Jackie) who beat down Nora O’Donnell and has suddenly found her fifteen minutes of international fame. And the hits just keep coming from there. If you don’t have her in your blogroll or your “must read” list by now, put her there. She’s the future of Conservatism.

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