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Confessions Of A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/22

I’ve grown up my whole life in the state of Michigan, so I’ve seen firsthand what it’s like to struggle. I’ve seen others struggle and I’ve witnessed it in my own family. In the past, I’ve seen my dad become an unemployment statistic several times. Most recently, back in November. This time was the hardest (for me anyways). I was at the age now where I could fully understand the gravity of the situation. I remember my mom telling me after school and I broke down in the hallway, I knew how much it meant to my dad to be working and providing for our family and now all of a sudden he couldn’t. My immediate (selfish) thought was “What are we going to do about Christmas.” Quickly, I realized that this Christmas was going to have to be about what I needed not necessarily about what I wanted. Christmas was scant this year, but I wasn’t disappointed. I learned a valuable lesson during this time: thankfulness. It’s a shame something like my dad losing his job had to happen for me to realize all that God has blessed my family with. Not once was my family without food or shelter. God provided for our needs and he has continued to provide for them.

That’s the first paragraph of the first article written by the teen-aged girl (Jackie) who beat down Nora O’Donnell and has suddenly found her fifteen minutes of international fame. And the hits just keep coming from there. If you don’t have her in your blogroll or your “must read” list by now, put her there. She’s the future of Conservatism.

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Sex Scandal So President Fires Inspector General

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/22

No, this is not a rehashing of the Clinton administration. This happened on Obama’s watch.

When Walpin tried to have Johnson brought up on charges, the U.S. attorney balked and settled the matter without going to trial (Johnson’s charity, St. Hope, paid back more than $800,000 to Americorps). Walpin, quite rightly, was furious and took the matter to the Americorps board where he discovered to his chagrin that a new wind was blowing through Washington and the board members didn’t want to anger president Obama.

The result was that an Obama supporter on the board fired off a letter to the White House demanding that Walpin be fired. The excuse was that he was basically senile and that it was imperative that he be removed immediately – despite a law that protected IG’s from this kind of summary treatment.

This all happened last spring. Well, now Johnson’s peccadilloes have been revealed by congressional investigators along with the attempt to buy the silence of women. And “damage control[“] was handled by none other than Michelle Rhee, then on the board of one of Americorp’s charities, now Chancellor of the DC public school system.

Obama fired Walpin on June 10 of this year. Chicago politics as usual.

In other news, Obama bungle produces ‘worst U.S.-Japan summit in history’.

The American media aren’t reporting the story, and so far Bunshun is the only Japanese source reporting it, so far as I know.

Either President Obama wants to anger America’s traditional allies, as he is doing with the British, or he is simply a self-involved fool who can’t imagine others aren’t thrilled with everything he does. Considering his botched bow, I am going with the second hypothesis, for the moment. The bow made him appear to be a sophomoric bumpkin.

I, too, am going with option two.

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Comply Or Jail

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/22

This isn’t how a democratic (Democrat, apparently yes; democratic, no) government treats its local governments and private citizens. Threatening criminal fines and jail time over mandatory, uncompensated 53-hour surveys is criminal itself.

Nancy Brown

The federal EPA plans on requesting all sorts of entities fill out a 32-page, 72-question, 53-hour questionnaire. And those who don’t will be mandated fines and possibly even jail time. That sounds to me like some dude on the street pulling out a gun and saying “If you don’t mind, please give me your wallet, otherwise my friend here might pop off.”

And exactly who could be forced to fill out this questionnaire?

The mandatory questionnaires will be sent to all owners, operators, developers, and contractors of newly and redeveloped sites; owners and operators of municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s); and the states and territories.

So it’s not just states and big cities but also businesses and home-owners.

EPA intends to propose a rule to control storm water from, at minimum, newly developed and redeveloped sites, and to take final action no later than November 2012.

As Ms Brown pointed out, that “minimum” is very dangerous language. It could become much more invasive of many more people, sucking out even more money out of pockets that are already empty.

Aside from the unconstitutionality of EPA writing laws (the legislative branch is to do that to prevent unelected people from ruling the nation), I have to wonder if this whole deal could have very serious Fifth Amendment issues. People will be forced to self-report, after all, something the Fifth Amendment protects against.

Read the full article at the link. It’s very worth the read.

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