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The Girl Rocked

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/21

I heard her on Glenn Beck. I heard about her on Rush. Yorkshire provided a link to the video, which also provided a link to her own blog. This 17-year-old girl gave Nora O’Donnell a beat-down on-air and even more of one on her blog.

For those of you who can download videos, I strongly suggest you do so and send it viral before PMSNBC sends a takedown notice.

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Flora Bora

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/21

I just felt like boring you with personal statistics regarding flora.

On the west side of my property, I planted a flower or two a few years ago. A flower or two died since then. Here is a partial list:

60 Negrita Tulips
90 Chionodoxa Lucilia
90 Iris Reticulata
60 Flower Record Crocus
10 Large Cupped Professor Einstein daffodils
36 Large Cupped Ice Follies daffodils
36 Large Cupped Carlton daffodils
10 Striped Squill
45 Grape Hyacinth
20 Uniflorum Rolf Fiedler Ipheon
20 Ranunculus pastel mixed
10 Single Early Apricot Beauty tulips
36 Triumph Mixed tulips
7 Fringed Pink Fountain tulips
36 Triumph Red tulips
36 Triumph Passionale tulips
19 double late Black Hero tulips
10 Triumph Princess Irene tulips
30 single late Queen of Night tulips
7 double late Lilac Perfection tulips
10 Chionodoxa forbesii
20 Camassia esulenta
30 Blanda Blue Anemone
2 Asiatic Lollipop lilies
3 Oriental Trumpet Touch lilies
4 Oriental Stargazer lilies
2 Oriental Le Reve lilies
2 Trumpet Pink Perfection lilies
2 Asiatic Monte Negro lilies
6 Iris germanica Superstition
1 Iris germanica Olympic Challenge
1 Iris germanica Supreme Sultan
1 Iris germanica Pass the Wine
3 Iris germanica Gay Parasol
3 Iris germanica Snow Cloud
1 Iris germanica Victoria Falls
1 Iris germanica Best Bet
4 Orientalis Woodstock Hyacinth
4 Orientalis Anna Marie Hyacinth
10 Dark Eyes Muscari
1 Imperialis Rubra Maxima Fritillaria
10 Blue Queen Meadow Sage Salvia
and things I don’t have the cards for (most of the trees in my south yard):
1 Burning Bush
9 different varieties of Tea Rose
1 Purple Smoke Tree
3 varieties of apple tree
2 peach trees
2 nectarine trees
1 plum tree
1 Wine and Roses Weigela (spelling?)
1 male Holly
1 female Holly
2 white “snowball bush”
1 Monk’s Hood
I planted a bunch of other stuff that I can’t remember the names of. And, since I do not have any idea about gardening or any such thing, much of what I planted has already died. But, dang, my west side looks beautiful in the spring!

EDIT: Oh, and my front (north) yard contains 9 upright yews that are supposed to max out at 6 feet but have already surpassed 9 feet, a bleeding heart, 2 (expanded to multiple) ground-hugging white-leaved plants with dragon-shaped flowers (and dragon is in the name).

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Those Lousy Pigs Pulled Me Over

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/21

I got pulled over by some local cops around 0230 today. And the cop’s excuse for pulling me over? I was all over the center-line in the middle of the night!

Okay, enough of that. I was returning from a food run to Taco Bell during “drunk hour” and I was hugging the center line. So the police pulled me over. They checked my driver’s license, my registration, my insurance and asked where I lived (trick question to catch drunks). But they also noticed I was actually eating a taco after they pulled me over. That and I have one light that looks at tree-tops and one that looks at the road (broken fiberglass mount from before I bought the car) was enough for them to realize I wasn’t a drunk and I wasn’t a hazard to the (nearly empty) roads as I was ensuring I wouldn’t fall off the edge of the road.

They were doing their jobs to keep the roads safe from drunks. They stopped a non-drunk to gather facts. And, less than three minutes later, they let the cooperative non-drunk go without any problems.

Cudos to the police force.

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