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Wow, Some Folks Are *Proud* of Being Petty

Posted by Foxfier on 2009/11/19

and what ignorant things to be petty about!

Ms. Dowd thinks that “bass-ackwards” was coined by Mrs. Palin– exibit # umpty-squat that the woman isn’t too familiar with — and some other guy thinks you can’t live an American life in Alaska.  (Based off of a quote of a guy who apparently does those “I am writing about my traveling” travel books.)

Y’know, the folks who use bass ackwards and other amusing spoonerisms– but who, by and large, don’t wonder if men are necessary, nor brag about having been loved and left– would probably look at Mrs. Palin, note that she’s got a boy in the military, see her husband is a hard-working guy, remember that she hunts and is able to look at wolves and see a large predator with all the needs that involves, rather than A Proud, Wonderful, Mystical Creature that looks really cool in a painting on your wall.

All and all, I think I’d consider Mrs. Palin a lot more qualified to decide if Mr. Dunn has lived an American life than the other way around.

3 Responses to “Wow, Some Folks Are *Proud* of Being Petty”

  1. John Hitchcock said

    I have a collection of latch-hook kits I completed. My favorite one is a huge 40 x 80 Aztec design but my second favorite is a “winter wolf.” White and silver-grey fur with piercing blue eyes. It is a beautiful sight. Providence made that predatory animal very beautiful. And there is no way I could kill one, except in self-defense. I also can’t kill Bambi or Thumper. And I can’t kill Bessie.

    But I love a good steak. And backstrap is the best part of a deer. Delicious. Can’t say I’ve ever eaten rabbit. And I gotta say I have a “thing” for leather. Would love to have a couple over-stuffed leather couches where you sink when you sit “in” them.

    I have no problem whatsoever with hunters, but I could never be one. Got a beef farm? More power to you. (Can I get a deal on some steaks?) Killing off wolves and packs of wild dogs? I don’t want to see it but I agree it is very necessary.

    These are things I cannot do because I don’t have the stomach for it, but I will gladly share in the food provided. I’ll even help in processing the beef after enough has been done already that I don’t have to see.

    I do have to wonder, though, why these wack-jobs are so dugly so often.


  2. John Hitchcock said

    Oh, and you get to keep your job since you didn’t take twelve weeks off. In fact, I’m going to increase your pay by 25 percent, I’m such a nice guy.


  3. foxfier said

    Nothing wrong in not caring to do something, so long as you don’t take the results and try to deny it’s needful.

    Oh, and golly gee thanks. ;^p


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