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Shove That ‘Native American’ PC Out Your Blowhole

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/17

I am part Irish, part Mexican, part Indian (american variety), part Nation of Texas. I do not show my Mexican or Indian heritage but one of my brothers most definitely does. Of the four, three have been soundly rejected by the rest of the people at one time or another. And the fourth? The Nation of Texas was what breed, again? That’s right, mainly a mix of two of the others with Europeans.

Let me be crystal clear here. I despise “politically correct” anything. If you have to add a qualifier to “correct” that means whatever that “correct” is attached to is incorrect, hence, a lie. I adamantly refuse to use PC terminology because PC terminology is a lie. It is a lie of commission. While much is a lie of omission, the omission is intentional, thus making it commission.

And this is exactly what the PC “native American” bovine byproduct is. It is a lie of commission by omission. Any man, woman, or child born of American parents is, by default, a native American. No ifs, ands or buts about it. You are a native American. And, by definition, so am I.

But I also have Indian blood coursing through my veins. That does not make me better than anyone without. That doesn’t make me any more a native of this place than anyone without. That just means I have blood running through my veins that can be traced back to people here before the European settlers arrived. So freaking what?

Every single person in this land born of citizens of this land are native to this land. And if you want to make a spectacle of my native-ness being much greater than yours, shove it out your blowhole!

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