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Fox Caught But The Left Are Legless

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/12

From Pursuing Holiness:

Fox News swapped out some video to make a recent protest look bigger than it really was. As Ed pointed out, it was both stupid and unnecessary.

But let’s not pretend the left really cares about the truthful use of imagery in the media. Sorry, that claim just won’t fly after:

Go to the link for a long series of damning links against the obviously leftist, frequently lieing Main Stream Media. Fox got caught doing something underhanded and dishonest they didn’t even need to do. But for anyone in the leftosphere or in Main Stream Media to get on their high horses and claim purity would be for them to double down on their lies.

Fox was dishonorable. Absolutely. But for the Leftwing Media to claim purity, or anything approaching purity, would be equally dishonorable. Because, as the link shows, the Leftwing Media is highly dishonorable on a great many occasions.

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