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Don’t Ask If Providence Is On Your Side

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/12

Ask if you are on Providence’s side.

As we think about the carnage and destruction the Mohammedan fundamentalists wreak, we should also consider the Truth concerning Providence. He is a God of Love and not a God of hate and destruction. But that doesn’t mean He won’t rain down wrath and fury. He most certainly will. And, He will very often use His creation as His means.

As you watch this video, ask yourself “Which followers preach ‘convert or die’, which followers preach world domination through carnage, which followers preach compassion for the weak, which followers preach love for strangers?”

(I found this video on the side-bar while visiting Pursuing Holiness.)

For those with a heart, watch with care. For those without a heart, stay off my site.

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