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There Is No Honor In It

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/07

As I said in my earlier article (here and cross-posted here), I will attack Obama every chance I get but I will not use a contortionist stretch of an Obama statement to arrive at a false conclusion to attack him. There is no honor in denying the truth or intentionally hiding facts.

And now, news of a liberal showing a massive amount of . . . dishonor (note the elipsis). Glenn Greenwald, aka Gren Gleenwald, aka Green Waldglen, aka Wald Greenglen did a huge dishonorable article regarding blog coverage of Fort Hood (where my daughter is stationed). And Patterico flays him.

Patterico is much more charitable than I. As far as I am concerned, a quotation from the sock-puppet du jour carries the same weight as a quote from KOS or Soros-funded Media Matters, in other words, no weight whatsoever. I don’t care what GG says because GG intentionally lies by omission every breath he takes, it seems. So, moonbats (for you, Jeff), provide a source that isn’t the sock-puppet source if you want me to even consider possibly looking at your source.

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