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Self-Proclaimed Right Wing Extremist™ Blogs: Beers With Demo

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/04

Beers With Demo is one of the Self-Proclaimed Right Wing Extremist™ Blogs (as found on my side-bar). And it is proven by a recent article.

Dean notes the liberals despise the fanatical religious fanatics who are trying to take over and destroy their version of the new US. Those idiotic fanatical religious extremists of the … Democrat Party???

“I will continue whipping my colleagues to oppose bringing the bill to the floor for a vote until a clean vote against public funding for abortion is allowed,” Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) said Monday in a statement.

He said last week that 40 Democrats could vote with him to oppose the legislation — enough to derail the bill.

That felt so good, we may need a smoke.

More over there.

But isn’t it interesting the Party of Pelosi, Reid (and Obama), which is so far to the left of the left-field foul pole has some social conservatives in its midst? And we Conservatives are told to drop that in order to become electable? Obviously you’re not smoking the same thing Dean is. You’re on something much, much stronger.

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I Could Get It Done A Lot Faster If You Would Quit Helping Me

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/04

I’m sure you’ve experienced it. You are working on a project, such as remodeling your bathroom. You’ve decided on what you want and you’ve gotten all your materials. Then, as you begin, well-meaning people start offering up their free advice (which is worth what you paid for it), hovering around you and trying to get in on the demolition to help you (and knocking out a wall you weren’t going to move).

And when you get to situating the new toilet (and you bought the wrong one, you should have bought the one that uses a capful of water per flush) they help you by turning the toilet the wrong direction. The shower doesn’t have the gadgets you should have gotten and besides, it’s the wrong color and too small. Of course you were wrong in getting a claw-foot deep-water tub when you should have gotten the shallow-water 80-nozzle whirlpool tub. And you’re placing it all wrong.

As you start to install your light bars above your twin vanity (when you should have gotten a single vanity), your helpers install them vertically along the sides of the mirror when you wanted them horizontally above the mirror.

As your supply of pizza and beer vanishes, so do your helpers, to your great relief. And you think, “I could have already had this done if they hadn’t been helping me.”

Government assistance is so wonderful, isn’t it?

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Maine’s Same Sex Marriage Law Going Down?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/11/04

As of an hour ago,

From the Washington Post

With more than 84 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday, the side seeking to repeal the law had 53 percent of the vote. Their campaign organizer, Frank Schubert, claimed victory and declared that Maine voters had helped preserve the institution of marriage.

For the record, as a Bible believing Christian, I hope this victory stands.

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