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Liberals Have No Morals

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/31

How’s that for a “gotcha” title?

Anyway, there’s a saying that goes somewhat along these lines:

How California goes is how the rest of the country will go.

There is some truth to that as California (along with NYC) has been the liberal forerunner over the past several decades. And California, with all its liberal “we just want to protect you from yourself” hooey and all the “punish the rich, save the field rat” tommyrot, is going belly-up. California’s money bucket has a liberal-sized hole in it. And how do they intend to fill that hole in the bucket?

That’s the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question, isn’t it? How do they intend to cover their expenses? By withholding ten percent more than they’re entitled on each paycheck a California resident receives. Oh, you’ll get it back in April (maybe). (That’s a gazillion different links, folks.) Or, you might be giving California an interest-free loan for as much as a year. And it’s not your choice. It’s the liberal California government’s choice to take the interest-free loan right out of your paycheck. Got a problem with that? Need the money yourself? It’s YOUR money anyway? Tough nuggets. They’re taking it anyway.


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