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28 Percent Are Wingnuts?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/31

Someone said 28 percent of the US population are wingnuts. 14 percent are right-wingnuts and 14 percent are left-wingnuts. And where did this “someone” get his information? From a Pew Research poll.

I know, I know. “What sort of poll determines who’s a wingnut?” There are polls for nearly everything these days. But somehow I doubt there would ever be a poll that would be taken seriously if it had questions like “Are you a leftist wingnut?” and “Are you a rightist wingnut?” So how did this “someone” decide there was an even 14/14 split in left-wingnuts and right-wingnuts? And what kind of poll told him that?

A poll on how the media is viewed gave him his information. Check it out.

And, for the record, I’m not part of either 14 percent he’s looking at, based on the information he’s using to decide.

3 Responses to “28 Percent Are Wingnuts?”

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  2. Jeff said

    Self-identification isn’t an even 33-33-33 split. It’s more like 40-40-20 (con-ind-lib). Thus, the mainstream media are right where you’d expect them to be – conservatives think they’re too liberal, liberals think they’re too conservative, and moderates think they’re just right. What’s weird to me is that MSNBC doesn’t have the opposite distribution as Fox… maybe they’re just not as well known?


  3. John Hitchcock said

    The wingnut portion came from 14 percent saying Fox is liberal and 11-14 percent saying the others are conservative. But you targeted the other information, where I’ll agree with you.


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