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Black Student’s Eyes Opened, Sorta

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/29

My daughter is taking college classes in a Texas community college. And government/history has been in her studies. When, in the course of the class, the Civil War and the freeing of slaves came up, a black female was shocked. She couldn’t understand because everything was wrong.

She asked many questions and the professor was answering them but not getting anywhere. Then the professor broke it down very clearly. And she finally understood, almost.

“You mean back then the Republicans wanted to free the slaves and the Democrats didn’t?”


“So, when did it get reversed?”

“Nobody wants to enslave people today.”

She has obviously been deceived by the Democrats regarding Democrat Civil Rights History. But, for a fleeting second, her eyes were opened. Perhaps that will cause her to do more research on the subject. One can hope.

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