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“Helen Keller” Partisans

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/17

By now, everyone knows about Helen Keller. She became blind and deaf in her early childhood. She eventually struggled to defeat these set-backs and she succeeded. She is a much stronger person than I could ever be. So my decision to use the term “‘Helen Keller’ partisan” is not so glowing to her. My apologies.

So, what is a “Helen Keller” partisan? A “Helen Keller” partisan is someone who is willfully blind and deaf to the myriad of facts swirling around them. A perfect example of this type of partisan is Perry, a commentator over on Common Sense Political Thought.

I made a comment about how the left had “Bush=Hitler” signs, wished for the assassination of Bush, hoped Cheney would have a heart-attack and die, wanted Clarence Thomas to eat lots of eggs and build up cholesterol so he would die. Perry claimed he had never seen or heard any of this and demanded I give citations or admit I was lieing.

When I gave irrefutable evidence of all the above, Perry was silent. He moved to another thread and continued his Helen Keller routine. I went over there and pointed out his Helen Keller routine and linked back to where I gave the evidence he was Helen Keller-ing. Again, Perry was silent about it. And again, Perry moved on to another thread.

Recently, Perry tried to claim I was “making [stuff] up again” and I called him out on that, referring to my linkage I gave in reference to his Helen Keller demands. He, in his arrogant Helen Keller ignorance, said he refuses to read my “foolishness” despite many evidences he has indeed read what I wrote. He just refuses to see or hear facts that will totally destroy the house of cards that is his leftist partisan position.

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