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Forcing It Down Your Throat

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/10

I have heard many liberals claim Conservatives and Christians are trying to force our values down their throats. I have to wonder who is forcing whose values down whose throats. I hear this most often over the abortion debate and any debate within that neighborhood.

The most recent time I heard this, just today, was on my cross-post of The “Pill”: It Kills? Perry, a commentator on Common Sense Political Thought, wrote the following example:

Your beliefs stated here are fine for you, John Hitchcock, but you are not entitled to force them on others whose values and needs are not identical to yours.

While I could argue the rightness of my beliefs, this is not the point of this article. The abject hypocrisy of the liberals, the Pro-Choice crowd, those who support abortion is the major point. They are the ones “forcing it down our throats.” They are the ones demanding that Big Daddy Government use Government dollars to support abortion in the US and in foreign countries.

Where do those Big Daddy Government dollars come from? From every single tax-payer in the US, that’s where. We could play a scam game that says Conservative dollars go toward the Military while liberal dollars go toward abortions, but, like I said, that’s a total scam. If Big Daddy Government spends a dime on something, every single tax-payer contributes a portion of those taxes paid to that something. And today, children that won’t be born for another 40 years will have to pay for that something.

So, the liberals are forcing Conservative Christian tax-payers to fund what we believe to be mass murder of innocent humans so other people don’t have to live up to the responsibility for their actions. Or, in the case of China and other like cases, forced mass murder in the form of forced abortions.

Again, who’s forcing whose ideology down whose throat? And who’s being hypocritical in that shrill accusation?

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