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Stephen A Smith Speaks Out

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/09

Mark Levin interviewed Stephen A Smith on 20090917. Actually, Mark Levin mostly allowed Stephen A Smith to say what he wanted to say. And Mr Smith destroys the Obama show and liberalism and the “opponents of Obama are racist” garbage. It’s a must-hear.

After hearing Stephen A Smith, what else is there to say?

Unfortunately, black America has gone further negative in the “fairness of America” polling, as DRJ on Patterico’s Pontifications has noted. What, other than the Obama administration’s “only racists disagree with Obama” meme, can be the explanation?

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Going Rogue

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/09

I just got done ordering the Sarah Palin book Going Rogue. I ordered it through Newsmax via a paid advertisement on Patterico’s Pontifications, a blogsite I follow which was recently mentioned on the Mark Levin show for scooping, and sending viral, the “Sheila Jackson Lee’s fake doctor” story. I said I was going to get it once it came out, which is November 17, but I couldn’t wait.

The book’s already a “best seller” even though it hasn’t hit the streets yet. It’s amazing (not really) that Conservative books are huge hits while liberal books, especially liberal “conservatism is dead” books, not so much.

Once I get the book, I’ll certainly read it. I might even review it here (and over on Common Sense Political Thought), but no promises.

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The “Pill”: It Kills?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/09

Shoved to Them reminded me of a story. I told this story elsewhere online but I cannot remember where.

When my daughter was much younger, she asked me how the “pill” works. So, I took the opportunity to explain it to her. And I did so in a way that she could decide for herself what the “pill” does.

Laura asked, “How does the ‘pill’ work?”

I responded, “First it prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg. If that fails, it prevents the egg from being fertilized. If that fails, it prevents the fertilized egg from being implanted in the uterus.”

Laura asked, “So, it kills the baby?”

I responded that she was right and that her reasoning served her well. (Not in those words but with those words clearly understood.)

I am clearly Pro-Life, as can be seen in several articles I’ve written. I am Pro-Life enough that I don’t want innocent babies to be punished for crimes worthless trash committed. And my Pro-Life stance is sincere enough that I reject the “pill” as a pregnancy-prevention device.

I believe the marriage bed is undefiled, as the Bible says. But that does not mean violations of Providence’s other Laws in that marriage bed get free passes. But my Catholic friends and I will disagree on what those violations may be. I believe many forms of birth control are fully acceptable. Those forms of birth control which do not affect a fertilized egg are acceptable to me because they do not end a human life. This, to me, is responsible decision-making within the marriage.

Providence made us as sexual beings and that activity, within the bonds of marriage, should not be unnecessarily curtailed. The Bible strongly warns against the curtailing of that marital activity for any length of time. Only for brief durations, and then, only by mutual consent and for wholesome reasons should that part of marriage be curtailed.

But I do not believe responsible married couples need to take unnecessary chances at becoming pregnant when finances and other considerations are not such that a child can be properly cared for. I believe birth control that doesn’t actually kill an unborn baby (and the “pill” kills unborn babies) is fully acceptable within the bonds of marriage.

While the “pill” is more effective than most other birth-control devices, there are other forms of birth control which are as effective or more effective, without risking the third method the “pill” uses. And with the “pill”, it is possible the woman could forget one day. And that’s all it takes. Other methods remove this “forget” aspect.

As an aside, one of my siblings was conceived using the “Catholic rhythm” method. The only safe day of the month was the day my sibling was conceived. Another of my siblings was born “holding the ‘pill'” my mother forgot.

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