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A Few Links That Caught My Interest

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/06

ACORN Embezzlement May Have Been $5 Million (Updated)
One Rathky brother was thrown out of ACORN for embezzling nearly a mil (which turns out may be more like 5 mil) so he became a SEIU (that’s government employee union) big-shot while his brother became ACORN bigshot. All this down in Louisiana, where, surprise surprise (think Golmer Pyle), ACORN and SEIU share the same building

While I support their right to protest, that does not mean I respect their message
So, this is “national protest against recruiters day” or somesuch rot. Over in Arkansas, the National Guard recruiters closed down their offices to prevent harm to their recruiters and staff, on a just-in-case. Should they worry? Maybe not, but don’t forget people protesting against recruiters have been prone to violence and vandalism in places like SF and Philly. When is the last time you’ve heard of a conservative grass-roots organization vandalizing or becoming violent while on a protest? And my daughter protects these loon lefties’ rights to protest, because she wears the uniform they are protesting against.

CLD is OK.
Philippine Islands suffers flooding so US Navy (always with a contingent of Marines) comes in to help. And terrorists take the opportunity to kill people helping the citizens of the Philippine Islands. I can’t see how that action will make any Filipinos anti-American. Anti-terrorist, perhaps?

ATLAS EXCLUSIVE: ACORN Threw Out Republican Voter Registrations
ACORN throws out Republican voter registrations in Florida and refuses to pay the woman who got the registrations, despite a guarantee to pay three dollars per registration. It turns out ACORN only wanted Democrat registrations. Did ACORN disenfranchise people who expected to vote? Did ACORN violate a contract to pay? Other than being obviously corrupt in this case, I think ACORN caused even more problems for themselves.

I’m Totally Creeped Out Now
CNN declares war on anyone who thinks Barack Obama is fodder for humor. Never mind every President since the beginning of the beginning has been fodder for jokes. If you’re Saturday Night Live, a program well-known for mocking all Presidents during its run, or if you’re anyone else, CNN will sick its attack dogs on you. So much for that pesky First Amendment, ya know? (And yes, I know it is CNN attempting to silence any objection, but seriously, would they if they weren’t in bed with Obama?)

Ayers Admits Writing “Dreams from My Father”??
Truth or total hearsay? Or worse? Is the story a complete scam? While I have no doubt someone ghostwrote Obama’s books, was that somebody the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers? And even so, what benefit is there for him to blurt it out like that?

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