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Dear (Arrogantly Deaf) Mr Obama, A Video

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/02

I remember hearing that Barack Obama, before he ever gained political office, refused to hear any opinion that countered his. It was at a time when he was playing professor. (I don’t know if he was ever officially a professor or if he taught in college as something other than a professor, but that is irrelevant.) Someone at Patterico’s Pontifications provided the corroborating documentation (which was closed to me since I wasn’t a subscriber to that periodical).

Between then and now, it is apparent that nothing has changed. President Obama has refused requests from the Prime Minister of ally Great Britain, on five different occasions, to meet and dicuss matters. President Obama has also decided to keep Republican congressional leaders out of the Whitehouse since April of this year.

It is very clear President Obama, just like professor-type-person Obama, has no interest, no interest at all, in weighing the opinions, concerns, or ideas of any who view matters contrary to his extreme leftist mindset. It is very clear President Obama freezes them out. And it is very clear President Obama sides with Freedom’s enemies all over the world and within the US itself.

I have no idea whether President Obama has ever watched this video, which was used in a political ad, but if he did, he only watched the first few seconds of it to be sure.

To be clear, I did not vote for John McCain. I voted for Sarah Palin. But, even today, President Obama fits the picture the veteran in the video painted of him.

President Obama has no interest in disseminating the truth because, after all, the truth will set you free. And setting anyone free is the furthest thing from President Obama’s mind.

Power Line has a recent article where even Obama appointees can’t get Obama’s ear. Who DOES have Obama’s ear if not his own appointees?

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