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Don’t You Dare Call A Leftist A Lefty

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/10/01

Anyone who dares call a leftist a “lefty” instantly offends me. Anyone who throws “lefty” out as a slam against idiotic leftist individuals is an ignorant buffoon.

I am left-handed. Very much so. So much so that my right arm is specifically designed as a balance to my center of gravity and nothing else. I am a lefty. I spent my entire life learning how to deal with a righty world. I use righty scissors and cannot use lefty scissors. In school, I sat at righty half-desks, refusing to sit at lefty half-desks because I could not properly work while sitting in them. A well-meaning person once bought me a lefty-bound book (read “fully bass-ackwards”) extolling the greatness of being lefty. That was the most offensive gift I ever received.

So, the next person who declares a leftist is a lefty, I will beat him (or her (women’s lib, you know)) to a pulp, but only on the right side of their body. I am nearly exclusively lefty, after all.

And if anyone is idiot enough to read this and find hate in it, well, you’re an idiot.

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