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Things That Make You Go “Hrmmmmmmmmm”

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/16

The title of my post is very Arseniooooooooooooooooooooo Haaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!! From the Arsenio Hall Show from a recently bygone era.

And here we go . . .

1. ABC news bigshot is completely unaware of the ACORN/prostitute tapes (on a huge Chicago radio station).
2. BHO press spokesmodel is completely unaware of the 912 gathering in DC the day before it (the largest gathering ever) occurs.
3. ACORN claims “a series of isolated events” over new stuff and old stuff, still.
4. Maryland considering criminal charges of exposers, not of ACORN’s attempted complicitcy in an under-age, illegal-alien prostitution ring.
4a. Maryland ignoring ACORN and the particular HUD-sucking affiliate still in business after not renewing licenses.
5. Press ignoring fact Obama trained many ACORN before campaigning for President.
5a. Press ignoring fact Obama gave ACORN 800k out of his Presidential campaign coffers.
6. Democrat Party continually accuses GOP of racism despite facts being widely available (see my recent article covering this).
7. Official members of the “press” hearing an unspoken word (boy) and declaring that unspoken word proves racism.
8. House of Representatives focusing on “you lie” statement, to the great detriment of Obama’s in-office campaign speech to Congress.
9. Senate vote to cut off ACORN from taxpayer dollars gets seven votes against (to continue giving ACORN taxpayer dollars).
9a. Nine senators did not vote.
10. Liberals across the blogosphere focus on everything but ACORN’s attempted collusion in violating child abuse, prostitution, tax, immigration, income verification laws.

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What’s In A Name?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/16

Foxfier reminded me of a time when I was in high school. There were conversations about what our future kids would be named. I said if I had a son, his name would be John Robert Hitchcock, III. Many times, the other kid would say, “That’s not fair to the kid. How would you like it if you had the same name as someone else.” My response? “Notice the THIRD?” They would then do this jaw-drop-then-snap-shut manoeuver. Conversation over.

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Here A Racist, There A Racist, Everywhere A Racist

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/16

With all this frantic, high-pitched yelping about Republican (and by implication, conservative) racism lately has caused me to link to a couple of my articles multiple times on other sites. I strongly suggest reading those two articles I have linked. It will give conservatives more facts and histo-facts to use against the liberals’ loud lies.

And it will give any honest liberal pause. It is abundantly clear that it is the liberal and Democrat Party that holds sway where racism is concerned. As SGT Friday said, “just the facts, ma’am.”

Liberals Are Racists

Democrat Civil Rights History

Please read those two articles. If you have not yet read them or read similar, you may gain some edification. And please do follow links of links of links, etc on the one that has links. There is a huge store of information to prove it is the Democrat Party that has the racist history and not the Republican Party. But don’t take my word for it. Follow the links and do the research for yourself.

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You Have To See This

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/15

(snagged from from the foothills)

So accidentally fitting on so many levels.

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Patrick Swayze, RIP

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/15

I first remember Swayze in Red Dawn (where I first saw my “new” crush, Jennifer Grey). Great movie. Then Dirty Dancing. Great movie. Road House and Ghost were also strong movies.

I remember reading an article in some tossed-aside magazine while I was on a lay-over in some airport. This was before he “got sick” so there was obviously nothing about that in it. The author tagged along as Swayze went through an airport, failing in his attempt at going incognito.

Swayze was very friendly to everyone and not off-putting at all. All sorts of girls were shoving their phone numbers and addys in his pockets. He remained calm, cool, collected and friendly. Once he got on the plane, outside the view of the fandom, he took those slips of paper out of his pockets and threw them away without looking at them.

He was devoted to his wife.

I have heard some rumors of his political views but nothing substantial. I have never heard “saucy” rumors about him. I will remember three things about him: He was a sterling actor. He was down-to-earth around the “little people.” And most importantly, he was devoted to his wife.

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I’ll Regret This Later

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/14

I bought “Walk The Line” after having watched it multiple times on cable several months ago. I very much relate to Johnny Cash. I have never abused scrips or illegal drugs, I cannot play a guitar and I don’t have the voice. But I relate anyway.

Loving mother hopelessly overshadowed by worthless progenitor. Physical and emotional abuse. Long-term low esteem. Real social disconnect.

And “kill the baby” activists say life should be fair? Screw them! Screw all this crying about “fair”! Who on Providence’s green earth are they to decide what’s “fair” and what isn’t? And whether someone should be allowed to be born based on “fair”? They can take all their stupid, brain-dead, touchy-feely arguments and take a flying leap for all I care.

If my mother hadn’t miscarried her first pregnancy, I would never have been conceived. And, how I wished hundreds of times my mother had never miscarried. But there’s no way I’m going to let some turd say I shouldn’t have been born. So any of you turds out there reading this, get your heads out of your butts and think for a change.

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I Remember When…

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/13

Consumering at my local gas station/convenience store, I often have conversations with the employees there. Now that I have a barely-above-minimum-wage job, I can once again buy the essentials: barley, hops, tobacco, etc. I was talking about the fact I cannot afford the cigarettes I bought 20 years ago, so I have to buy the “little cigars” that come 20 per pack and 10 packs per carton for $1.39 per pack instead of my preferred cigarettes, which cost $5.00 a pack. (And, no, I couldn’t kick the habit while getting no money. I turned in aluminum cans for money for smokes and recycled butts. (Loser that I am.))

The cashier talked about a memory of tins of snuff costing a pittance, but said that was when he was making $1.25 an hour. He then remarked that he remembered 25-cent gasoline, but again, that was when he was making $1.25 an hour. And that caused me to think.

I remember 23-cent-a-gallon gasoline in Texas when I was a kid-punk, and a gasoline war between 3 gasoline stations on 3 corners of an intersection in Texas during the 23-cent time, where gasoline cost 32 cents everywhere else. I don’t know what minimum wage was back then. But I remember having my 13-lawn-a-week mowing business as a youth when minimum wage was $3.35 an hour. I paid 57 cents a gallon in Ohio, which had higher gasoline prices than Texas. So, using quick math, that means six gallons of gasoline cost one hour of work.

Back then, a barrel of oil cost a bushel of wheat. Enter OPEC, fuel tax increases, minimum-wage increases, and many more liberal “for the people” mandates, and…

Today, in Ohio, the minimum wage is $7.30 an hour, fuel taxes are over 46 cents a gallon, and an hour of work only gets you less than three gallons of gasoline. So, all the benefits the liberals have given the every-day people have caused gasoline to be twice as expensive in relation to income than it was when I was an adolescent, mowing lawns.

All the tax increases, all the minimum-wage increases, all the liberal (unfunded) mandates have caused huge harm to the people the liberals and Democrats (apparently the same thing (see my post regarding Democrat disconnect)) purportedly are representing. Everything the liberals and Democrats (same thing?) have done has caused the price of goods to outpace the base pay rate. And that’s not even getting into all the jobs swallowed up by minimum-wage increases. Jobs that used to be double the minimum wage are now paid at minimum wage. Thank you, liberals and Democrats (same thing?), for torching this country.

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Abort It? Or Allow It To Live?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/09

I remember years ago hearing a “Focus On The Family” broadcast. I actually ordered it on cassette tape. The broadcast had happy-sad stories to tell. And there was plenty of anger, while much was under the surface. And, of course there was plenty of pain.

But what sort of “Focus On The Family” broadcast would have anger and pain? The sort that would have all but the most vile to feel the same anger and pain. This broadcast was a group interview with women who were raped.

That’s not the entire truth. This broadcast was a group interview with women who were raped and became pregnant as a result.

That’s not the entire truth, either. This broadcast was a group interview with the women who were raped and the children they brought forth to the world as a result of the rape.

The women had excruciatingly painful memories of the rapes. But they made an active decision not to murder their innocent unborn children for the rapes. They also made an active decision to love their innocent children, regardless of how they were conceived.

And, at some point in their innocent children’s lives, these women chose to relive their excruciatingly painful experience with their children, whom they loved. And, while the women seemed to have softened a lot in regard to the pain, the children, who were conceived due to rape, had a lot of anger toward the men who violently attacked their mothers in the most heinous of ways.

All the children, of course, were glad their mothers gave birth to them. And all the children acknowledged a deeply-felt love by their mothers and reciprocated it. But, to the best of my recollection, none of the children regarded their mothers’ rapists as their fathers.

These children, all young-adults, or very nearly young-adults, had nothing but praise for their mothers and for what the strength their mothers had to go through everything a woman has to go through when impregnated by a stranger.

Several of the mothers were single parents for years, and had to go through that ostracization. But they never took it out on the children they loved with all their being. How could they? Their children were part of them. And their children never did them any wrong through all of this.

None of the children were thankful the “Y chromosome-owner” impregnated their mother so they could live. Not one. But they were all thankful their mothers chose life over murdering them.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re in a terrible situation because some worthless scum-bag violated you, don’t take it out on an innocent. Even if you cannot handle raising a child, you can do the next-best thing. Find an adoption center near you and talk to them. You can have an open adoption, where the adoptive parents give you regular feed-back, or a closed adoption, where nobody knows nobody. But don’t excecute the baby for something some worthless criminal did.

I will never fully understand what you go through on a daily basis. But I do know it’s not worth knowing that you killed your child to (temporarily) ease the pain.

Always know, despite your trauma, that God loves you and will help you through your anguish. You have only to ask. And there are many pro-life organizations out there just waiting for you to reach out to them.



Foxfier here.

John asked me to share why this hits home to me– a friend of mine is like these kids.  Born of rape.

  What he reports on the broadcast saying, I can say I’ve seen first-hand, from twenty years down the road– it’s accurate.

I don’t call a lot of folks “friend,” to let you know what kind of person this person is– one of the few folks Elf and I associated with that has no geek traits, just a good person.  Not perfect, but a real pleasure to be around.

My friend’s mother is very religious, so she never considered abortion, and even married a man my friend now considers “dad” and “father”– the sperm donor is less than nothing.

Please.  If some scum has hurt you, don’t hurt the kid– they are as much a victim as you are, and that baby can grow into a wonderful, funny, caring, delightful person, if you’ll give them that chance.

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Self-Proclaimed Right Wing Extremist™ Blogs, A Renewed Call

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/08

I am renewing my call to all self-proclaimed right wing extremist™ blogs to self-identify on this site so I can add links to those sites in my side-bar. In the interest of saving the federal government some deficit spending, I have started a list of self-proclaimed right wing extremist™ blogs. That way, the fed knows who to monitor for the next self-proclaimed right wing extremist™ attack against big daddy.

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September 10, 1989, A Day That Will Live In Infamy

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/07

On September 10, 1989, my second daughter, Audréy Renée-Maree Hitchcock died after three weeks of life. She did not die of natural causes. She did not die due to anything resembling an accident. But she died, at three weeks old.

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Democrat Base Just Doesn’t Understand

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/06

Cue the Fresh Prince (Will Smith) rap song “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” Not that the song is tied all that closely to what I want to say, I just like that sing-song bubble-gum rap stuck in your head.

I have grown increasingly tired of liberals and Democrats (apparently the same thing) pointing out what Republicans in office have done as an inferred accusation of hypocrisy on the part of conservatives and Republicans (not necessarily the same thing) in the general population. Sometimes those liberals flat-out accuse grass-roots conservatives and Republicans of hypocrisy based on the actions of elected officials, not just inferring it.

I found a couple articles that explain the disconnect, but they don’t help me get over my frustration with having to repeatedly repeat myself redundantly. While a plurality of the Democrat base believes their counterparts in office hold similar views, a solid majority of the Republican base believes Republicans in office are out of touch with the grass-roots of the party.

I’ll give you three quotes in the hopes that you link-surf to read the articles yourself.

Seventy-four percent (74%) of Republican voters say their party’s representatives in Congress have lost touch with GOP voters nationwide over the past several years. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 18% of GOP voters believe their elected officials have done a good job representing the base.

While Republicans and unaffiliated voters tend to see Republicans in Congress as more liberal than Republican voters, a plurality of Democrats (35%) hold the opposite view and believe the average Republican in Congress is more conservative than GOP voters.

Just 27% of Democratic voters say the average Democratic member of Congress is more liberal than the average Democrat. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 19% hold the opposite view and think the average Democrat in Congress is more conservative than the average Democratic voter.

This information sheds new light on the troubles conservatives have in getting liberals to actually listen to what is being said instead of just giving a deaf ear and a knee-jerk “you do it, too” reaction. But that still does not help me end my frustration with liberals who could easily find out I’m not beholden to the (R) in power and I don’t necessarily agree with the (R) in power. Those liberals choose not to do any research whatsoever before making those accusations. And now I know why. They’re projecting their own views that their party powers are the same as them onto their opponents (who do not at all hold those views).

Again, that proof of my assumption does not relieve my frustration at having to redundantly repeat my oft-stated “Republicans in office do not speak for me.”

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Someone Has Been Stealing My Apples

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/05

Five years ago, I planted four young apple trees in my backyard. Four years ago, one died and the other three began bearing fruit. None of the apples made it to the ripe season until this year. They all vanished before that.

This year, I spent the first six months without a job and without unemployment. Two neighbors gave me bags of food, including food for my dogs. Another neighbor sent her kids to give me a hot meal. I thanked them all. The adult neighbors, I gave them permission to pick my apples once they became ripe, if there were any left.

Thursday morning, one of the neighbors said she’d be picking some of my apples that afternoon. And she’d be making apple dumplings. And she’d be sending me some of them. I of course okayed all that. Thursday night, 11pm, after I got home from my min-wage job thru a temp service, I heard a knock at my door. She was delivering 2 apple dumplings and a pie tin. There wasn’t room in the tin for 3.

I baked and ate them tonight, and while I do not care for sweets and apples are sweet enough without the added brown sugar, those dumplings tasted especially delicious.

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A Quote To Remember

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/05

Government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
— George Washington

Relevant links here, here, here.

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‘Education’, or, ‘Escaping The Handbasket?’

Posted by Foxfier on 2009/09/04

I’ve been thinking about education a lot the last few months, ever since I found out we’re having a baby.

There are two versions of this post– the one here, edited to avoid TLDR, and the one at my blog, with lots of parenthetical additions.

My folks were a major part of my education, growing up– mom and dad took us nearly everywhere it wasn’t too dangerous to simply be around, and explained things. Later on, they wouldn’t explain and would ask questions instead– my mom in particular was a very effective teacher of the lesson: “if you can’t argue against something you support, you probably don’t know enough about it to support it.”   This teaching helps you see through a lot of reporting-a-story-instead-of-information things, and is part of why I like the internet.

For most of school, I was bored stiff in the classroom. So was my husband– my brother and his sister have similar stories, although they were both more like my sister in seeing school as social-time instead of learning-time.
Classes were even worse if the topic was something I was interested in– by the time I got to high school, I’d already learned how to read ahead in the text book and use that information to research elsewhere, and not infrequently the lessons were either outdated information or so shallow that it was worse than nothing. On the up side, I usually had my homework done by the end of class and I read a truly epic number of Forgotten Realms books from the school library, and towards the end of school a couple of teachers asked me to help other kids.

I do remember that even in the ones I was bored stiff during, there was *usually* some kind of extra information that I got from the teacher– especially Mr. Reiber, a great science teacher, who was very good at teaching folks tricks for figuring things out and worked stories into his class.

Needless to say, I’m already worrying about how I’m going to be even half the teacher my folks are; I don’t have a thriving ranch and 4H group to act as a classroom, and it’s highly likely we’ll even be living in town. Visits to Grandma and Grandpa can make dang sure they don’t get silly ideas about cows and horses, and there’s always the cats for some more non-human-interaction, but I look at how bad schools are compared to the ones I went through, and thinking of how piss-poor my education in history, basic art, poetry that is actually enjoyable to read, the years wasted in sex ed, the pathetic excuse for civic education…. I’m sure I can go on, but most everyone knows the basic direction I’m pointing, now. I’m not even looking at the quality of teachers– you know, the ones that copy out of the book on to the board and call that enough, or whose generally political hobby horse is a constant class mascot– just focus, for now, on the basic quality of the education being offered.

Yes, I’m even skipping this happy horse-pucky, for now.

When I got into the Navy, I got to experience a wide range of types of classes– general information classes during bootcamp, when everyone is so dead tired that the level of pre-existing education didn’t matter much, from A and C school– where everyone had tested high enough on relevant areas to qualify to be offered the rating, and the computer based distance-learning classes I took in my free time.

I’ll have to toss out the boot camp classes from this musing, since I wouldn’t wish that on anyone but a volunteer.

The “set-up-classes-based-on-how-you-test” — maybe rephrasing it as “grades” instead of “classes,” since it’s not a matter of what you’re allowed to learn, just when it’s offered to you– would probably work rather well, although it would cost a bit to organize the tests, grade them, organize the classes… there’d have to be some kind of a system to organize various learning styles, testing styles and teaching styles.

Organizing classes around what kids can do instead of what year they were born will have a lot of the folks who support “social promotion” bouncing off of walls, but it would probably make it so the kids who can and want to learn actually do learn without screwing over the kids who simply aren’t on the same level.

Now that we’ve spent extra money to get the kids sorted into specialty levels– keep in mind, just because you’re grade 5 on math doesn’t mean you’ll be put in grade 5 English, each subject would have to be independent of the others– we have to find a way to teach them all. Maybe big schools would have enough teachers to simply reorganize classes by skill instead of age, but some of the schools I went to had grade-teachers instead of subject-teachers.

So, solving a shortage of teachers specialized into a topic. Well, from the classes I took, I notice the two limits on class size are “how many will fit” and “will they get enough help?” The way that the “will they fit?” was avoided in my college classes was by having an e-class– so the remaining limit is “how many kids can a teacher provide sufficient education support to?” ShrinkWrapped has a similar post to my musings here, focusing on the “catch’em early” theory of, well, teaching kids to learn. It would take some smallish school experiments to figure out how much support kids who are learning from a terminal (E-Machines are about two to three hundred bucks, less than a year’s text books– if they are used in the place of individual books, this may be practical.) will actually need.

Depending on the student, you might not even need to physically place them in a classic school. I can see options ranging from homeschooling-but-with-a-proffessional-teacher to cubicle farms to the classic classroom but with a computer.

This could be twisted into a nightmare– think cubical farm with vast, centralized indoctrination (the type that shows up now is bad enough, thanks) and the kids taken entirely out of their parents’ control. (think this, or this, but better run) On the other hand, if done privately or locally, this could be a revolutionary change in education– putting control and supervision of what one’s kids are learning at the finger tips of parents, either in assisted homeschooling settings or by making it much less expensive to run a private or charter school. At the same time we’d be saving time and energy by NOT having to move kids physically from place to place– leaving more time for PE or study. It’s e-commuting for school!

Just like e-commuting, it wouldn’t work for every subject– little kid stuff, cursive, learning to read, learning to type, probably most music classes would need at the very, very least a TA on site, and probably need a real, live, physically there teacher. Even with these disclaimers, we could adapt for the dearth of teachers and improve the quality of the education our kids are getting, while making it possible for parents to be more involved.

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Public Education, Politics, (And Obama)

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/03

Indoctrinate the kids as soon as possible, preferably when the parents aren’t around to rebut and give correction.

Change “permission slips” to “non-permission slips” where without the former, the child is not permitted to attend and without the latter, the child is required to attend. “Tomorrow, we are going to give an assembly on why it is okay for you to have under-age sex. If your parents don’t want you to attend, have them sign this piece of paper.”*

Choose not to have text-books and teach from handouts that were printed out on the day of the teaching. Parents don’t really need to know what’s going on with their children’s education.

When a parent shows up, lambasting the non-education of his child, declare all your teachers are experts by the obvious fact they are teachers (thus implicitly demanding the parent is the least capable in the room). Nevermind that parent homeschooled his daughter 4 grades in 3 years.

“If you don’t like it, homeschool” as a libturd said. Well, guess what. Homeschool numbers are exploding. Here’s something else, the right to homeschool has had to be vigorously defended all the way up to state supreme courts because libturds in POWAH didn’t want parents homeschooling their kids in their state. And another thing, TN did this thing a while back where anyone who did NOT get a government education could NOT get a job with the state. Why? Because the state could not control the ed and “could not guarantee its quality.”

And, as pub ed has become more and more centralized, it has become less and less responsive to concerned parents. Pub ed becomes more expensive and less able to ed each year. Just recently, Southwestern City Schools in Columbus, OH failed a 2nd attempt to get a levy passed to get more money out of home-owners. So they killed all extra-curricular activities, sending other schools scrambling to fill voids in their sports schedules and sending football players scrambling to quickly find other schools to attend. They plan a 3rd attempt this year at getting more tax money in November. And I strongly hope they fail.

Let’s not fix the problem, just throw more money at it as the schools want. “Give me money and shut up or I’ll take the fun out of school.” If the schools were more responsive to parents and not beholden to NEA, AFT, libturds, the fed, schools could actually teach students. And with less money, and without punishing the students for the fact the parents and community are fed up with the bull.

Obama has chosen to do an end-run around every parent and go directly to the child while the parent is not there. Would you, as a parent, allow your grade-schooler to see a movie without you if you hadn’t previously seen the movie or if you hadn’t at least reviewed it? This is the same thing, only worse. No politician should be permitted unprotected access to our children. To allow such a thing is to become a totalitarian nation.

Two Obama demands to remember:
1) Leave my children alone. (His demand to all members of the press.)
2) (My opponents) should just shut up.
Both of those demands I am certain have been saved in audio format, likely video format.

I strongly suggest Obama should heed the first. And I strongly suggest Obama should try the second, while remembering the First Amendment.

*I remember a woman, fully supported by a “mainstream” organization (and I fully forget her name and the organization, but I believe it was Planned Parenthood) going around to all sorts of high schools and holding assemblies. It was purportedly a sex ed assembly, but was more accurately sexuality ed and even more accurately aberrant sexuality indoctrination. I actually heard excerpts of her poison. She actually said “The only inappropriate sex is when one partner is unwilling.” And she said this in public schools, paid for by tax dollars. She said this to under-age teens. By her definition, sex between a 50-year-old man and a 14-year-old either gender is appropriate if both consent. And she made it abundantly clear that their parents didn’t need to know, nor had the right to know, what they were doing.

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