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$9.5 Million?

Posted by Foxfier on 2009/09/29

a website should do my taxes, not just be searchable!

The site, unveiled today by the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, was revamped through the use of $9.5 million in stimulus funds. It provides easier-to-use tools, such as a ZIP Code search that shows stimulus projects in specific communities. The government also has set up a toll-free hot line (1-877-FWA-DESK) for reporting fraud, waste and abuse.

Sure, the site is pretty, but the click-through map is rather lack-luster–frankly, they should’ve just asked Google Maps if they could use their system, then make sites for each grant, loan or contract. Oh, wait, that’d be easy to link, without load time and scrolling a tiny window to the bottom….

H/t Doubleplusundead

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