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Why Are These Different?

Posted by Foxfier on 2009/09/26

Coyote Blog asks:

I must say that I do find it interesting that a few heated verbal exchanges and one guy carrying a gun peacefully somewhere near where the President was speaking is considered a looming threat from the right to civil society while lefties physically clashing with police and destroying property (again near the President) is treated as ho-hum, more leftish rioting.

Same reason a right-wing person speaking up about their views at a dinner party is blink-worthy, while a left-wing person holding forth on the their views is expected.

Same reason my mom bites her tongue when the whiskey gets flowing at ranch BBQs and speaks no ill of the President, while our liberal friends use to say the most vicious, untrue things about former President Bush after just a beer or two, no matter how many times we would politely disagree.

Same reason why after eight years of “Bush lied, people died” and “Bushitler” accusations, an amusing story so old there’s a 2001 book named for it is suddenly a unique insult against the office of the President, and his person.

Left always does this stuff; right never does. Odd actions are noteworthy.

Doesn’t make it any less of a bitter pill to swallow.

2 Responses to “Why Are These Different?”

  1. John Hichcock said

    I have to say the “don’t rock the boat” right has suddenly started rocking the boat. And what caused them to speak up and get actively involved? The hardcore leftist agenda as espoused by President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Senate leader Reid, and all the czar-dom going on. I guess I have to thank the worthless President Obama for finally waking up the right.

    It’s about time we quit playing nice with people who can’t even find the definition of “nice” in their dictionaries.


  2. Foxfier said

    We value manners. I can’t think of a time my grandparents dropped manners that it wasn’t a highly worrying development– not to say it’s unwarranted…..


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