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Let Me Be Clear

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/24

I have never been among the “rich.” Last year, I made 34k in 11 months. Then I lost my job (the Monday before Thanksgiving) in such a way that I was ineligible for unemployment benefits. I went till June before getting a short-term temporary job. That means December till mid-June, I had zero income whatsoever and I had to depend mostly on my mother and sister for food. The second half of July and the first half of August, I was again without a job and without unemployment. I now have a temporary job which should last six months, at barely above Ohio minimum wage, a fifty percent plus cut in pay.

When I lost my job, I lost my health insurance that I had for nearly nine years. I still have no health insurance and I cannot afford to pay the debts on my credit. I lost my Jeep Commander. And I am four-square against the taxpayers buying my health insurance or anything else.

What the current Democrats and Obama (who I don’t consider a Democrat) are trying to foist on the citizens of this great country is so anti-American it makes me sick and very angry. It has been the Democrat policy for the past 40 years or more that has crippled this country. And Obama’s socialist/fascist/totalitarian agenda is the logical extrapolation of that policy.

The fact that millions of otherwise quiet people have taken to the streets in Tea Parties, Town Hall meetings and the DC 912 gathering (which was upwards of 1.5 million, not the 70 thousand the “in the bag” mainstream media claims) shows that real America is not willing to be subjects but prefer citizen status, as prescribed in the Constitution and Declaration.

It is the populace who embodies patriotism, and not the anti-Constitution Pelosi-Reid-Obama faction of the far-left Democrat party who now hold court in this rapidly-becoming-banana-republic.

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