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Thicker Than Water, A Review

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/20

I recently bought a “Hallmark Four Pack” from K-Mart (I do my best not to give Wally World a dime). In that Four Pack is the movie “Thicker Than Water.” The back of the dvd case says:

Thicker Than Water
A faded photograph leads powerful attorney Natalie Jones to the bittersweet secrets of her late father’s past – where horses run free, families are bound by honor, and true love really exists. Starring Melissa Gilbert, Brian Wimmer, and Lindsay Wagner. 87 min / Color / Widescreen / Not Rated / Dove “Family-Approved” for All Ages [author’s note: I don’t know where “Jones” came from.]

Whenever I watch a movie, I expect to see a Liberal agenda. If you’re a low-to-mid-level actor and you are a Conservative, “you’ll never work in this town again.” While there may be a perceived underlying liberal bias in the movie if you look very closely, there is nothing whatsoever that this Christian Conservative can argue against. Nothing at all. The hint of liberal bias actually fits well within a Christian world view.

Enough of the political side of the review.

This movie is definitely in the genre of “chick flicks.” And I like “chick flicks.” I expect people drawn to chick flicks will need the Kleenex nearby. I could’ve used some, but my sleeve did the trick. The movie is romantic in the classical sense.

The movie begins after the funeral of a highly-respected judge and the execution of his will has already occurred. Natalie, the successful attorney-daughter of the judge finds out he had a past. He was married to someone else before he was married to her (deceased) mother. And it moves from there. She is thrust into a very rural environment in her search for the truth.

There are 3, 4, 5 love stories intertwined. Maybe more. There is the history of modern-style romance. And there is a new modern-style romance added into the story. But the modern-style romance isn’t the driver of the story. The other, non-romantic, love stories drive this movie.

There is the woman who had a hard life but has been truly charitable despite her lack of resources. There is her refusal to be paid back for her charity, despite her definite need for resources the “pay back” would help alleviate. There is the woman’s devotion to keep a promise someone else made. There is the stewardship of the land despite the hurdles placed in front of her. There is the “right thing to do” aspect, even though “the right thing to do” will cost someone a fortune. And there is, as expected, a growth in understanding and priority-organization.

I consider this a “must see” movie, and not only because Melissa Gilbert (who couldn’t love her work?) stars. It is very family-friendly and very date-friendly. And, husbands, your wives will thank you for suggesting you two watch the movie together. It’s better than a bunch of pretty plants that are already dead.

But, keep that box of Kleenex handy. You’ll need it.

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