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I Recommend . . .

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/20

I recommend following Patterico’s Pontifications, Common Sense Political Thought and Head Noises, the three sites (other than my own) I watch several times a day. PP and CSPT both have multiple authors. PP is a large-type blogsite and CSPT is considered to be a small-type blogsite, but both are well-traveled. Head Noises is a single-blogger site but has loads of valuable input and loads of valuable links to other sites.

If you’re looking for echo-chamber conservative sites, don’t go there. PP has a few liberals who debate honestly and several trolls who refuse honest debates. CSPT has a large number of liberals who comment regularly to the conservative authors. While Head Noises has a limited amount of commentary (which is unfortunate, considering her articles), her articles and side-bar linkage are superb and worthy of full-spectrum commentary and debate.

If you want a feel for the real world, I suggest reading those three blogsites daily. And please feel free to add your own perspective to the discussions. Get involved. Politics is real life. And all three sites add articles wholly unrelated to politics. Well rounded, they are (to use a Yoda-ism).

All three sites can be found on my sidebar.

Disclaimer: I am listed as an author on CSPT. I cross-post some of my articles from here over there. But I am a lesser author over on CSPT.

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  1. foxfier said

    *bow* Talk about being on a list where I don’t measure up– thank you.


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