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Patrick Swayze, RIP

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/15

I first remember Swayze in Red Dawn (where I first saw my “new” crush, Jennifer Grey). Great movie. Then Dirty Dancing. Great movie. Road House and Ghost were also strong movies.

I remember reading an article in some tossed-aside magazine while I was on a lay-over in some airport. This was before he “got sick” so there was obviously nothing about that in it. The author tagged along as Swayze went through an airport, failing in his attempt at going incognito.

Swayze was very friendly to everyone and not off-putting at all. All sorts of girls were shoving their phone numbers and addys in his pockets. He remained calm, cool, collected and friendly. Once he got on the plane, outside the view of the fandom, he took those slips of paper out of his pockets and threw them away without looking at them.

He was devoted to his wife.

I have heard some rumors of his political views but nothing substantial. I have never heard “saucy” rumors about him. I will remember three things about him: He was a sterling actor. He was down-to-earth around the “little people.” And most importantly, he was devoted to his wife.

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