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Someone Has Been Stealing My Apples

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/09/05

Five years ago, I planted four young apple trees in my backyard. Four years ago, one died and the other three began bearing fruit. None of the apples made it to the ripe season until this year. They all vanished before that.

This year, I spent the first six months without a job and without unemployment. Two neighbors gave me bags of food, including food for my dogs. Another neighbor sent her kids to give me a hot meal. I thanked them all. The adult neighbors, I gave them permission to pick my apples once they became ripe, if there were any left.

Thursday morning, one of the neighbors said she’d be picking some of my apples that afternoon. And she’d be making apple dumplings. And she’d be sending me some of them. I of course okayed all that. Thursday night, 11pm, after I got home from my min-wage job thru a temp service, I heard a knock at my door. She was delivering 2 apple dumplings and a pie tin. There wasn’t room in the tin for 3.

I baked and ate them tonight, and while I do not care for sweets and apples are sweet enough without the added brown sugar, those dumplings tasted especially delicious.

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