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Be Nice And They’ll Be Nice Back

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/04/26

I hear and see that line being repeated ad nauseum by the out of touch left and mainstream media (but they’re one and the same). The left would have you believe all it takes is to be nice to everyone and everyone will be nice right back. Truth is, there really is evil in this world and there really are evil people who want to do evil. And these evil people have no problem dying so long as they kill, maim, terrorize others.

These evil people want world dominion, the elimination of all Jews and Jew sympathizers and the elimination of all democratic implements. And they want everyone to play nice with them so they can achieve their goals more easily. No, they do not want to play nice. No, they do not want to share. But they are all too willing to accept the help of foolish liberals in getting rid of the people who are dangerous to the cause of world dominion.

A brief snippet from our recent past:

“Do you believe in God?” they asked Cassie Bernall. They knew full well she did. The girl who had once indulged in the occult (as the killers now did) had moved into a realm of peace when she learned to center her heart on Christ. She became a church-goer and a worker among those who needed Christ. Often she brought her Bible to school.

She was reading it in the library when the killer pointed his gun at her. Did she believe in God? “Yes, I believe in God,” she replied.

“Why?” asked the boy in the dark trench coat. Without waiting for an answer, he pulled the trigger.

You cannot make nice with some people, like terrorists. And if you have a terrorist who knows about plans to kill, maim, terrorize others but you do nothing to get the information, you are complicit in the carnage that will ensue which you could’ve prevented.

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You Know It

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/04/26

According to reports, LeBron James came up with this spoof. And it gets air time in the Q.

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