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From GTMO To Your Neighborhood?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/04/10

Barack Obama has issued orders to close GTMO and is trying to work out a way to move all the terrorists detained at GTMO to other places. And we have news that we will likely have to release some of them on our city streets because their home countries don’t want them. And we cannot necessarily find some of them guilty of crimes, whatever that means.

These people are terrorists, not criminals, and they are at war with us, regardless of whether we choose to accept that fact or not. At no time in our history, until now, have we ever conferred criminal court rights on prisoners of war. In World War II, we had prison camps in the southern states, holding thousands of German and Italian prisoners of war. We held them for a time after the war was over.

The left, who refuse to acknowledge there are Islamic terrorists who are intent on killing as many Americans as possible, are overjoyed at Obama’s decision to close GTMO. The left, who are BANANAs about nuclear power plants, wind farms, solar farms, power lines, prisons, housing developments, are just as adamant about closing GTMO. So, where do they want these terrorists? Are they willing to share their homes with the terrorists? Or are they going to be BANANAs concerning the terrorists? I, for one, am absolutely NIMBY.

Those of you who fret over “all that torture our military did” or “they’re really nice guys” or “innocent until proven guilty” (these are terrorists, not criminals) need to do a bit of homework. I strongly suggest you read a series of interviews with a psyche nurse who spent lots of time with these terrorists at GTMO. Read the interviews and the comment sections. Then rethink your position.

2 Responses to “From GTMO To Your Neighborhood?”

  1. Dana said

    Would it be wrong of me to suggest that we put them all on a ship and send them half-way back to Afghanistan?


  2. John Hichcock said

    I suggest we put them on the deck of the Nautilus and stealthily transport them to Somalia.


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