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And Here It Is

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/24

Can you say Heil Obama as well as your children can?  Or do you see the Big Brother coersion and indoctrination?

There is no such thing is government mandated volunteerism.  And there is no such thing as government mandated civic duty in a Constitutional Republic, but Obama’s plan, which claims to do both and would inevitably indoctrinate an entire generation of youth despite parental responsibilities, just passed the House of Representatives.


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Cold Turkey Time

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/24

I told myself if the price of cigarettes ever reached $2.00 a pack, I’d quit smoking.  Cigarettes are now approaching $4.00 a pack and I haven’t quit smoking yet.  Why?  Because Smoker’s Choice Little Cigars Menthol 100s have been $0.90 a pack.  And, suddenly, they’re $2.29 a pack.  Obviously, the “sin tax” has caught up with them.  And, since I no longer have an income, I am going to have to suffer HUGE withdrawals as soon as my last carton of cheapies vanishes.

I cannot afford to pay such a steep price for these things I’ve been hooked on for the past 25 years.  So much for gaining tax revenue off this poverty-stricken individual.

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Look At All That Money

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/24

There are many shrubs that need pruned in government today.  The Democrat oligarchy that is running things right now in Congress and the Executive branch is doing it’s best at demigoguery within the governmental process and in the media, claiming to be “pure as the wind-driven snow” when it is clearly obvious their snow has lumpy brown blotches and yellow discolorations.  But a quick glance at a specific Top Ten list tells a very damning story.

What list are you talking about?

I’m glad you asked.  I’m talking about the Top Ten of political contributors over the last ten years.  That Top Ten includes six unions, an investment firm, and a telecommunications giant.  As Arsenio Hall was wont to say, “things that make you go ‘hrmmmmmm’.”  The Center for Responsive Politics provides the top 100 heavy hitters.  Knowing unions are extremely leftist, it is abundantly clear which political party is most beholden to the corrupters of politics.  It is also abundantly clear, with information such as this, which political party is the more disingenuous.

But that does not change the fact both parties are subject to corruption.  And pruning the shrubbery, while necessary, is not the means to the ends of corruption eradication.

But never forget which party had 50 years of uninterrupted supremacy in the House of Representatives and never forget which party whinged the loudest about influences of corruption.  It’s the party that received the greatest financial benefit of power.

Ironic?  Disingenuous?  Hypocritical?  Which adjective fits here?  I can’t think of a proper one.

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