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Are Analysts Accurate?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/23

The list of stimulus and bail-out and other big-government deficit spending programs seems neverending, starting at the end of the Bush (43) administration and exponentially amplified in the Obama administration. Bush (43) did say he violated his own free-market principles in signing TARP but the emergency situation was the reason. I have to wonder what principles are permitted to be violated under duress. Don’t they become preferences instead? Again, we come back to the standards to which we hold those in authority. We seem to be focusing on LCD when, historically, we focused on something similar to GCF. (I love math.)

Obama, for his part, has always been far-left. His agenda and policies are socialistic, which require massive government spending. George W Bush stated he wouldn’t ask Congress for the second part of the TARP unless Barack H Obama wanted it, since Bush’s time in office was just a matter of days. Obama did ask Bush to ask for the second traunch, so Bush did. After Obama took office, he presided over the second traunch of TARP, which I believe included, if not all, the vast majority of the car-manufacturer bail-outs. Then came the rush-rush $787 billion “stimulus” package. And after that, Obama has offered up a $3.6 trillion budget – which itself approaches $2 trillion in deficit spending. The “stimulus” package and the second traunch of TARP is all deficit. The socialized health-care plan will be a massive detriment to national financial health until the end of the US, if ever passed, and will result in rampant health-care shortages, not to mention the rampant morality-code violations any moral health care provider will have to endure, all for the sake of the nanny state.
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Call From Register To Vote

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/23

(machine) This call is concerning your mortgage…

What if I don’t have one?

Yes, I just got a phone call my Caller ID said was “register to vote,” number (978)570-2278, that went directly to a machine trying to sell me something regarding my (nonexistent) mortgage.

As the phone was ringing and I was seeing the ID on my TV, I was wondering why someone would be calling me to get me to register since I’m already registered. Those 5 people wandering the streets of my neighborhood last October who came to me and asked if my daughter was here came into mind. When I told them she was in Iraq, they gave an unexcited “thank her” then immediately asked me to vote for Obama. I laughed and told them “absolutely not.” And they went their way as I continued to allow one of my dogs to “go outside.”

I noticed my daughter had voted absentee, using my address when I went to vote. Later, I began to wonder, with ACORN and stuff. When my daughter comes to town, she stays with her mother. When my daughter was in Iraq, her mother had power of attorney, so much so, she could marry off my daughter legally without my daughter’s approval. I don’t know if my daughter registered to vote with my address or not, but she entered basic training the day before her 18th birthday.

All that went through my head in the 4 rings before I picked up the “register to vote” call to find out it was a mortgage machine call.

UPDATE: I just dialed the number and got “is full and cannot accept a message…” whereupon I hung up. I didn’t get “blah is full…” but just “is full…”

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Did I Just Hear Right?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/23

While playing a computer game and listening to Fox News being played on my TV, I heard someone say the President is facing a myriad of simultaneous major circumstances that would “consume a normal presidency.”

Did Al Gore’s spokesmodel just outright claim Obama is the Golden Child? This has long since gotten ridiculous.

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