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Let’s Make Spare Kidneys

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/19

There was a guy who worked at my previous job who was a diabetic. He had to shoot insulin every lunch. He also had multiple instances where his insulin/sugar levels were out of balance. He would space out or act drunk, depending on the numbers. Several times, we would have to force him to drink an OJ and eat a candy bar. After a while, it got bad enough that he needed to quit his job. He landed on a list for organ transplants. He needed a new kidney and another organ, I can’t remember which.

But if he got a new kidney, he would no longer be diabetic, or that’s how I understand it. I have no understanding of the medical field. But I do know he landed on dialysis shortly before he had to quit his job.

So, with the help of Fierfox, Rebecca Taylor and William Saletan, I came up with a scenario and an idea. Suppose your newborn baby had a rare birth defect that could lead to a lifetime of difficulty. And suppose an organ transplant would likely resolve the difficulty. All you have to do is get pregnant again, carry the unborn baby for eight months, abort it, and harvest the organs you need.

The best opportunity for a good match is with someone related to the recipient, and what better relation than a sibling? Born with diabetes? Harvest new kidneys. Born with a heart condition? Harvest a new heart. We could do lots more testing to catch many more diseases and illnesses. And we can do even more harvesting of those dead unborns that we create for harvesting.

And in those dire emergencies that cannot wait eight months to get a possible compatibility, we can harvest the organs of someone else’s aborted unborn baby. And, with the economy moving between boom and bust, we could make a new recession-proof industry. We can pay pregnant women to carry their unwanted human lives till near-term, then pay for the organs we harvest. Those unwanted unborns aren’t going to live anyway. They don’t need their organs. And the wanted, born babies, who are deathly sick can benefit.

We already have the technology and skill, we may as well go full-on Matrix, only to benefit the worthy, wanted humans instead of benefitting machines. I mean, those unwanted unborn humans don’t have any rights anyway. They don’t count since they’re not alive — er, born — yet. They’re just cell-masses, parasites to the female bodies carrying them.

If you’re truly pro-abortion, the above cannot offend you. If you call yourself pro-abortion and the above does offend you, you’re not totally lost.

Principles and slippery slopes.


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That Hit The Spot

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/19

H/T Fierfox/Power Line:

Kyle Smith, of the New York Post, wrote a very snarky op-ed that nailed the mainstream media.

His op-ed is an in-print application to be the obligatory conservative to balance out the four or five liberals featured. I suppose what makes it funny is that it rings so true. I enjoyed reading the entire op-ed; there is no favorite part of it; it is all “must read” material. But, for a taste,

I know what you’re thinking: How do we know this guy is what he says he is? How do we know he’s a conservative?

Simple. Because I regularly mention values, church and family. I’m a fan of charity and volunteerism and giving back to your country. I am a steadfast, dyed-in-the-wool, principled conservative. Who voted for Obama.

If that isn’t enough to get you to read the op-ed, how about reading it because I told you to?

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