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A Brief Poll Comparison

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/16

Polls are definitely interesting animals.  They cannot be fully trusted, but they do provide insights into the minds of the populace.  We have heard great stories about the wonders of the US electing a black President for the first time, and indeed, that election can be considered note-worthy.  It shows that non-blacks nationwide will indeed vote for a black person.

But we have to examine the attitude and coverage President Obama is getting and got prior to the election from the mainstream media outlets.  No thinking person can say with honesty that President Obama was seriously vetted by the mainstream media.  And anyone outside mainstream media who asked any difficult questions was loudly, and falsely, denounced as racist.  So, the mainstream media aided and abetted in the left-wing work to prop up and fluff up Barack Obama prior to the election, and continue to do so now that he’s President.

Contrast that with the eight years George Walker Bush was President and prior.  The mainstream media was daily attacking President-elect Bush, in concert with the left-wing organizations.  After the election, the daily attack continued, halted only briefly by the horrors of 11 Sep 01.  Shortly after, the attacks renewed.  The left and the mainstream media (but I’m being redundant) had nothing good to say about President Bush (43) and even ran news stories that were later easily shown as fraudulent.

So, how do the left-wingers’ and mainstream media’s propping and exaltations of Obama and their incessant attacks of Bush (43) affect the polls?  You might be surprised.

George Walker Bush Approval Poll

George Walker Bush Approval Poll


Barack Hussein Obama Approval Poll

Barack Hussein Obama Approval Poll

Excuse my poor skills at cropping and transferring charts.

But you’ll notice despite the fluffing and promoting of Obama in the mainstream media and among all the leftist organizations (but I repeat myself) and the deriding and bashing of Bush in the mainstream media and among all the leftist organizations (deja vu all over again), Obama seems to have fallen to tracing Bush’s polling numbers at this time in their administrations.  With Bush being the Great Satan and Obama being the Chosen One, it is certainly telling that the numbers are the same.

Imagine if the mainstream media treated Obama the same as it treated Bush.  One can only wonder what the polling data would be then.

2 Responses to “A Brief Poll Comparison”

  1. Mike said

    While I was not a Bush fan at all, I do agree that Bush was blamed for many things that were not necessarily his fault. The media seemed to enjoy criticizing his every move. Take the movie “Farenheit 911,” for instance. While it was an interesting take on the events, it was incredibly biased, and it made me question where they got some of the material they presented. Part of being president is the realization that you’ll never make everyone happy, I suppose. I’m curious to see how Obama’s approval ratings hold out over the long run. Right now he still has that “new car smell” to him. We’ll see how it goes, I guess.


  2. John Hichcock said

    For the record, I had lots of issues with GWB’s moderate stances on far too much. But I fully supported his decisions to deal with Iraq and Afghanistan. And, yes, GWB was a moderate, not a conservative. And that was his biggest problem with the grass roots.


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