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Egg or Embryo, Science or Ideology

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/14

H/T Protein Wisdom

It appears Bill Clinton doesn’t know what an embryo is.  No wonder he is so cavalier about his views on embryonic stem cell research.  Or, maybe I’m giving him too much credit.  Most likely so, since even fertilized eggs in their 39th week of gestation should be allowed to be “eliminated” — that’s murdered — without any regard to humanity.  But when the man Obama previously nominated as Surgeon General, a man who later became the ex-nominee, that man — when he did not question Billary’s statement concerning “unfertilized embryos,” that was a huge statement.

It’s obvious, when science gets in the way of leftist idealogues, science gets thrown in file thirteen.


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We Need This Type Of Leadership

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/14

From Pushing to the Front by Orisen Swett Marden:

“I have such a rich story that I want to tell you,” said an officer who one evening came into the Union camp in a rollicking mood.  “There are no ladies present, are there?”

General Grant, lifting his eyes from the paper which he was reading, and looking the officer squarely in the eye, said slowly and deliberately:

“No, but there are gentlemen present.”

“A great trait of Grant’s character,” said George W Childs, “was his purity.  I never heard him express an impure thought or make an indelicate allusion in any way or shape.  There is nothing I ever heard him say that could not be repeated in the presence of women.  If a man was brought up for an appointment and it was shown that he was an immoral man, Grant would not appoint him, no matter how great the pressure brought to bear .”

It is extremely unfortunate, and extremely telling, that we do not hold our elected officials to any standard appropriate to their position and authority.  O, for the years of yore.

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