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Can We Trust Wikipedia?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/03/09

H/T Fierfox

Wikipedia Scrubs Ayers and Wright From Obama Biography

If you mention Ayers or Wright when adding information on Obama’s bio, your added information will be removed and you will suffer a three-day ban for adding opinion to the bio.  Have all the supporting sourcing you want.  Refrain from inflammatory commentary.  You still get banned for adding opinion and your addition is removed.  Good going, wiki, so much for having a truthful site.

3 Responses to “Can We Trust Wikipedia?”

  1. Dana said

    Wiki is user edited, so no, you can’t automatically trust it. I do cite Wiki articles, because they’re usually pretty good, but I always check their linked source documentation.


  2. […] John Hitchcock notes the problems with using Wikipedia as a source. […]


  3. Foxfier said

    I tend to use Wiki as a good jumping-off point for more information– it’s like asking a random crowd “Dang it, I can’t remember– what was X?”

    Problem with anything liberal or conservative is that the editors are very, very, very liberally biased.


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