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The Vote Is In

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/01/29

59-0, the Illinois Senate has voted unanimously to convict Governor Rod Blagojevich of impeachable offenses. Blago is no longer Governor of Illinois. It was a bipartisan vote. Good riddance, Blago.

More here.

Update: In a separate unanimous vote, Blago has been barred from holding future elective office in Illinois.

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And Here We Have It

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/01/29

H/T Patterico

I wrote earlier someone in the media was wondering out loud whether someone would sue over the Hudson Plane event. Well it seems there actually is some jerk considering doing just that. If the airline doesn’t give him the money he’s looking for, he just may sue. Disgusting.

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Morr-Fitz v. Blagojevich, Circuit Court, Springfield, Illinois

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/01/29

From the American Center for Law and Justice comes this case:

The ACLJ represents two Illinois pharmacy owners who are challenging the validity of an Executive Order issued in 2005 by Gov. Rod Blagojevich. The Order requires all pharmacy owners to stock and dispense the so-called “morning after pill,” which many consider to be an abortion-inducing drug. After having been dismissed in 2005 by a lower court, just last month the Supreme Court of Illinois reversed that dismissal and sent the case back to Springfield for trial. You can read more about that decision here. We will be filing an amended complaint within the next few weeks and will be heading to court seeking an injunction against the Order. We were previously successful, in the case of Menges et al. v. Blagojevich, in challenging this Order on behalf of individual pharmacists. We are hopeful that we will now achieve a similar result on behalf of pro-life pharmacy owners.

Not only do liberal public officials want all forms of abortion legal, but they also want Christians to have to succumb to the demands of others, even at the cost of the Christians’ religious principles. So much for religious freedom, insofar as liberal politicians are concerned. But I am supporting the ACLJ in this, and many other cases. Perhaps we can get fair treatment in the courts since we cannot in liberal political circles.

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