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Agenda-free Mainstream Media of Old

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/01/27

I remember a great many things and a great many details from many, many years ago. (Is that enough “manys” in one sentence?) One memory etched in my brain is a news article from the local paper, circa 1983.

Nearly 100 pro-choice protesters gathered for a peaceful march while several dozen anti-abortion activists heckled them from the sidewalks.

What do you see in that sentence? I actually see a lot. The mainstream media, then and now, give the organization’s chosen name, “pro-choice,” when it suits their purpose but choose a term the mainstream media consider a dyspemism, “anti-abortion,” instead of the organization’s chosen name, “pro-life,” when the dysphemism suits their purpose. Then there’s the peaceful march met by hecklers. And what about protesters v activists? What sort of connotation does that provide?

And the piece de resistance, how about that convoluted counting system? What is bigger, nearly 100 or several dozen? It sounds like nearly 100 because “hundred” is much more massive than “dozen.” But how many is “nearly 100?” 90? 80? And how many dozen is “several dozen?” Three dozen can’t be “several.” Four dozen can’t be “several” either. Is nine dozen several dozen? So if 85 protested in favor of mainstream media’s view, that would be nearly 100 and if 108 counter-protested against mainstream media’s view, that would be several dozen.

It isn’t bias, folks. It’s agenda.


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