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Frightful Arabs

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/01/20

From INN comes this news:

The arab/islamic world is deeply concerned that they are in danger of a collapse. The reasons why? There are two reasons they provide. One is the inter-Palestinian struggle for power, that is the power-struggle within the Palistinian power-mongers themselves. And the other reason is Isreal’s action in Gaza.

The story goes on to talk about how the Arabs are fighting amongst themselves. Of particular interest to me is their anger (or some of them anyway) that Egypt has been cooperative with Israel on any issue regarding Palestine. Another major point of interest to me is Kuwait’s (remember that kingdom? The kingdom we rescued from Sadam Hussein?) requirement that the West Bank’s Fatah representative not arrive while requesting Gaza’s Hamas representative to be present.

It sure is interesting to find Arabs fighting amongst themselves… until the history of the region is noted. But it’s definitely interesting to find the Arabs fighting amongst themselves where Israel is concerned. In most cases, Israel serves as a unifying catalyst for Arab kingdoms. But in this case, Israel is serving as a hammer against the anvil of the Arab world’s historic infighting.

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