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Peaceniks Beware

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/01/14

A widening array of nations and an increasing number of everyday citizens are calling on Israel to stop the actions in Gaza. Fed by the mainstream media, more and more American civilians are placing the blame on Israel. But is the information truthful?

Haaretz reports on possible discussions for a ceasefire. A key section of the report follows:

In a statement distributed to news organizations, the Hamas cabinet said it continued to function as a government and condemned Israel for its “reoccupation” of Gaza, saying the invading forces would soon be repelled.

“We confirm to our people that victory is closer than ever,” the statement read.

“We confirm our intention to continue to work to stop the terrorists’ war against our people, end the siege completely and bring about a reopening of the crossings.”

A report in Reuters on Monday quoted unnamed sources in Lebanon close to Hamas as saying the group would not accept ceasefire efforts that include a long-term truce with Israel.

Israel launched its offensive on Dec. 27 saying it intended to put a stop to Hamas’ firing of rockets across the border into southern Israeli towns and cities.

My question to all who are blindly placing blame on Israel and demanding Israel unilaterally stop operations: Would you stop defending yourself from someone you’re winning against, someone who says he won’t accept a peaceful settlement that includes long-term peace? Or would you continue to bring him to a broken state of submission so you can have real peace?

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To Juice or Not To Juice, That is the Question

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/01/14

There are several reasons to “juice up,” to take steroids. Someone may wish to improve his or her money from athletics. Another person might want to bring more glory to his or her country in international competitions. Another person may wish to bring more fame and glory to a specific team. Yet another person may wish to recover from ailments or handle chronic issues, such as asthma or other issues.

Of the four examples above, only option four is a valid reason for introducing steroids to the body. All other options are dishonorable. I don’t know how many people can remember the East German women’s Olympic athletic machine. They were well known for very husky voices and facial hair. There was even an entire TV program dealing with olympic steroids where a German man was a major commenter within the story. It was only at the end of the story where the viewer found out that German man was an East German female Olympian who was so severely messed up by steroids he/she was forced to finish the work the steroids did. I don’t necessarily believe the sensationalist nature of that claim, but it was obvious the East German machine was heavily into steroids.

We all know about recent American athletes who succumbed to the steroid temptation, many of whom have served or are serving prison sentences. Most of us have heard about many of the possible side-effects of steroid use. Many professional athletes are either Hall of Fame-eligible or preparing for HOF eligibility.

How should we treat these athletes? Should their deception and unethical behavior prevent them from a place of honor within their various athletic realms of glory? My blog title gives my answer.

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