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Consider This

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/01/06

I All NFL teams shall be required to have at a minimum two caucasian men for each of the following positions: Running Back, Wide Receiver, Defensive Back.
II All NFL teams shall be required to play these caucasian men for a minimum combined official game time of sixty minutes.
III Any NFL team found in violation of these requirements shall be fined no less than 1/160 of total revenue per instance. Should any NFL team be found in violation of these requirements more than four times in five years, the NFL team shall be fined no less than 1/32 of total revenue per instance and shall be excluded from the first two rounds of the NFL draft.
IV The draft exclusion shall remain in effect until the NFL team returns to acceptable standards.
Should any NFL team be excluded four consecutive years, that NFL team shall be dissolved.
V These rules are set in place to provide racial equity. It is well-known caucasians as a whole lack the necessary ability to properly compete for these positions; therefore, it is necessary to provide these requirements to promote equity within the game.

Does the above sound ridiculous to you? Racist, maybe? Does it offend you? Why? Does the above appear to you that caucasians need special help because they’re less than capable of making it on their own? Isn’t that what we’re already doing within certain portions of academia and certain portions of the business sector regarding people of other ethnic backgrounds?

We have regulations in place requiring an accountability regarding placement percentages of people of various ethnic origins. To meet these accountability standards, we have multiple standards to attain placement status. One group of people with a certain ethnic background needs to attain a high standard while another group with a different ethnic background needs to attain a lower standard. And why is that? To obtain a proper ethnic blend.

We are actually telling those of the “wrong” ethnic background “you could not be here unless we gave you a boost due to your inferior ethnic background. Do we really want to tell these people such a thing? Do you truly believe people of certain ethnic backgrounds are less intellectually capable than those of other ethnic backgrounds? I do not believe anything like that.

People need to be judged solely on their ability to do the task at hand, not on any other basis. If I am more qualified to handle a task than someone else, I should be the one given that task. I should not have to take a back seat to someone less qualified simply due to the other person’s “less than capable” ethnic background.

It amazes me how supporters of this supposed “affirmative action” can call me racist when I affirm that race should not be considered. It is definitely racist to claim a certain race should get preferential treatment because that race can’t do it alone. But the “PC” crowd chooses to conveniently disregard the facts to support their agenda. The “PC” crowd prefers to brand unbelievers with labels and stereotypes rather than debate facts. Why? Because any fact-based debate will have them on the losing side.

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