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The Truth About Israel

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/01/04

“Since its inception, Israel has been involved in many wars to ensure its existence.” This statement is not entirely accurate, but for the sake of argument let’s assume the statement is accurate. History shows many “wars” or battles between Israel and her neighbors, none of which have destroyed Israel. Nearly all of them have been complete Israeli victories. I am aware of only one which wasn’t a total victory for the Israelis and that one caused Israel to lose the Sinai desert.

The result of all these “wars” has been rather consistent. Israel survives but is maligned in the Main Stream Media and in world-wide political spheres. What is lost is the fact Israel desires to exist. What is lost is the fact all these “wars” were fought against kingdoms and other groups whose sole aim is to annihilate Israel. Truth be told, all the outcry against Israel has been adamant in its disregard for the anti-Israel terror and killings. Each event where Israel has taken a military action has been preceded by anti-Israel action, be it bombings within Israel, rockets fired into Israel from kingdoms surrounding Israel, groups taking Israeli hostages, or other “death to the jew” actions.

Now, I said my first sentence was not entirely accurate and you may be wondering why I said such. It is very simply explained. Of all the kingdoms and other nations who have actually gone to war against Israel, only one, ONE, has ever signed a peace treaty ending the war status with Israel. That one was Egypt, and Sadat got assassinated because he signed the treaty.

All these people decrying the “excessive use of force” the Israelis “always show” are playing at the truth, toying with the statistics to falsely prove their points. Israel is defending her right to exist, plain and simple. Those who have chosen to make it their life’s goals to eliminate Israel from the face of the Earth need to be stopped at all costs if Israel will continue to exist. And that means using all means necessary to eliminate the threat to national sovereignty.

Israel has all too often succumbed to international pressure and given up land to achieve a peace that has never been forthcoming. I suppose the US should give up New England to Canada to stop a war against Canada and remain at peace, right? Or Czechoslovakia should give up the sudetenland to maintain peace with Nazi Germany? (I am not in the least comparing Canada to Nazi Germany, but showing the foolhardy nature of “land for peace.”) If a kingdom or group has as its uppermost goal the total destruction of a nation, giving up land will not suffice. Israel’s succumbing to international pressure will not stop the “Israel must be destroyed” mentality of the enemies of Israel.

It is obvious to me the placaters of today have not learne their lessons from the placaters of the 1930s.

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