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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/13

John Hitchcock:

One of the members of Team Kimberlain (most likely) shows up on a Hogewash thread discussing a court date with a serial harasser and member of Team Kimberlin. And what does that (most likely) TK member do on that thread? Threatens to harass the victims of harassment, and declares they’ve been “reported” for “possibly going to show up armed” at a restaurant they will be gathering for camaraderie. You can’t make this fecal matter up.

Originally posted on hogewash:

Last night, I was running iTunes in random mode when The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas came up. The first time I can remember hearing that piece was when I saw the movie Fantasia at the Tennessee theater in downtown Nashville back in the ’50s. The work is a symphonic poem that tells the story of Goethe’s poem Der Zauberlehrling. You probably know the story: Rather than do his chores the old fashioned way, a young apprentice tries to use magic. He loses control of his enchanted broom but is saved in the end when his master returns and sets things right. Mickey Mouse plays the apprentice in the Disney version.

But back to my story …

I didn’t initially realize what was playing in the background because I was concentrating on writing today’s Team Kimberlin Post of the Day. When I did notice the music, it struck me as…

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In Re A Settlement Agreement

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/13

John Hitchcock:

Schmalfeldtian holes are, by necessity, very large and full of stench.

Originally posted on hogewash:

Among the terms of the settlement agreement for the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright infringement lawsuit was a mutual agreement between us not to publish each other’s copyrighted materials without permission. Tweets are exempted from the republication ban because Twitter’s ToS require that a license to republish is granted when one posts a tweet.

It has come to my attention that items originally published at Hogewash! are being published on the Internet without permission by Bill Schmalfeldt.

If this continues, I shall take steps to enforce the settlement agreement.

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Anyone Who Says Kobe Bryant Isn’t Selfish Is A Democrat

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/12

It is my preference (and not my principle) to not swear. And it is so easy to substitute the Political mascot for the word, that I just had to do it. History shows my assertion to be true. And today’s half-time stats show it, as well. Kobe threw up (heh) 15 shot attempts, hitting 6. The second place and third place teammates of his threw up a combined 16 attempts, hitting 7. Kobe has always been a ball hog, and when it has previously been loudly pointed out to him, he went the other way, refusing to shoot and throwing the ball around, just to prove his detractors wrong in a stompy-foot way. Don’t get me wrong. Kobe is one of the most athletic ball scorers in the history of the game, but he is also one of the most selfish. And if he even tries to respond to this in-game (like my micro blog has any kind of sway in anything basketball related), he will prove my point by “shoving his ball passing in my face” instead of being a team player.

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/11

John Hitchcock:

Let’s talk about Brett Kimberlin’s past… like the last time he handed documents over to the court and dishonestly claimed they were honest documents.

Originally posted on hogewash:

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s copyright trolling lawsuit is about to be dismissed with prejudice, and that will relieve him of having to deal with the problem of altered Certified Mail green cards in front of Judge Titus. However, those cards are still part of the record. As such they can be used to impeach TDPK’s reliability as a witness or the authenticity of other documents he submits.

For example, here’s one of the green cards he submitted in the copyright case, together with the USPS tracking information. Notice that Restricted Delivery is checked on the card, but it is not shown as one of the services paid for on the tracking info.

T1ThomasThe cards in question are exhibits that TDPK submitted himself.

They will come back to haunt him.

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Ferguson protesters prepare plywood riot shields decorated as protest signs

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/11

John Hitchcock:

Do you want to see the difference between protests by Right-thinking groups like TEA Partiers, Bible Thumpers, Gun Lovers, Pro-Lifers and wrong thinking groups? Just look at Ferguson.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Let’s face it: both police and protesters in Ferguson, Mo., are preparing for a riot when the grand jury delivers its decision in the case of Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot black 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon held a press conference Tuesday afternoon during which he announced that he would activate the National Guard if necessary. Protesters have delivered to police their own rules of engagement, including a demand that police forgo riot gear.

At the press conference, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar declared that riot gear was strictly defensive, declaring, “Frankly, we haven’t hurt anybody with a riot helmet yet.” So what of the protesters’ plans? Over the weekend, they prepared and decorated plywood shields and posted the results to Tumblr.

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‘Rotten to the core’: O-care architect Gruber thankful for ‘stupidity of the American voter’ [video]

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/10

John Hitchcock:

The Socialist apologist Perry Hood of Lewes, Delaware hardest hit: ObamaCare architect declares law written in a way to make the stupid people accept it.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber has been caught on video on multiple occasions proving that Obamacare was sold to the American people under false pretenses.

Another video has surfaced (via American Commitment) which purports to be from October of last year, and this one’s a doozy:

Partial transcript:

This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. So it was written to do that. In terms of risk-rated subsidies, if you get a law which said healthy people are gonna pay…

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Why #Obama Might Not Pardon His Peeps

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/10

Baraka Obama, like all good tyrants and criminals, is adept at the Olympic sport of “Under Bus Tossing”. In order to protect himself, he is willing to sacrifice any and every person around him. And, since he’s a narcissist on steroids, it is not in any way a sacrifice to him. At all. Consider this scenario:

1) Baraka Obama pardons all his Czars and Cabinet officials.
2) The Republican Congress calls each and every pardoned person to testify.
3a) The pardoned people refuse to testify.
4a) Congress hits them with Contempt of Congress and Obstruction of Justice charges.
3b) The pardoned people lie to protect the agenda.
4b) Congress hits them with Perjury charges.
5) Obama’s peeps are thrown in jail for crimes committed after their pardons.
6) Obama is implicated for crimes he committed, due to evidence found in the questioning and trials of his peeps.
7) Obama faces criminal charges, including treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

No, Obama would not be a wise tyrant and narcissist if he pardoned his peeps. It would be better for Obama to not pardon anyone in his circle. That way, his peeps could exercise their Fifth Amendment rights, found in a document they despise, so they wouldn’t go to prison; thereby, insulating him from the prison he deserves. His best chance to avoid what he deserves is to guarantee everyone around him will get what they deserve if he gets his.

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Hey, @voxdotcom, #Stereotype Much? #Wrong Much?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/10

Go take their “quiz” and see for yourself how wrong VOX is. As is normal for VOX. They’re never, ever, and I do mean ever, right about anything. Even people on the Left are laughing at VOX over this one.

How did I do? Anyone who knows me will see what a bunch of hooey the VOX thing is.

Screenshot (1)

Screenshot (2)

Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (4)

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Let’s #Compromise!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/10

Now that Republicans have won, the Democrats are no longer saying “we won” but have switched to that all-familiar refrain of theirs when they lose: let’s compromise! I agree. Let’s compromise. To compromise, both sides need to give up something they want to get something else they want.

Let’s start the compromising by forcing the Democrats to finally live up to their past agreements.

For the Reagan 100 billion dollar tax hike, the Democrats must now provide the 300 billion dollars of non-defense budget cuts (in 1986 value dollars).

For the George Herbert Walker Bush tax hike, the Democrats must now provide the agreed upon non-defense budget cuts (in 1990 value dollars).

For the Reagan amnesty, the Democrats must now secure the southern border.

Once the above 3 compromises are finally met, we can talk… about other compromises the Democrats have not yet followed through on. There should be no further offers of compromise until the Democrats actually follow through on old promises they made and, to this point, welched on.

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The Difference Between 1994 And Today Is Democrats Have Obama

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/05

I have been told that the GOP has a larger advantage in the US House than any Party since World War II. That is decidedly untrue. The Democrats have had a larger majority many times since World War II ended. But this is indeed the largest Republican majority since World War II. But let’s examine Baraka Obama’s infamous quote, shall we? And his impact on Democrat elections.

The Democrats have Obama
2009 Democrats 257 Republicans 178
2011 Democrats 193 Republicans 242 Republican gain of 64
2013 Democrats 201 Republicans 234 Democrat gain of 8
2015 Democrats 179 Republicans 243 13 seats currently undecided with 5 Republicans currently leading

That’s a Republican gain of 65 at a minimum, and a possible Republican gain of 70.

The Clinton years
1993 Democrats 258 Republicans 176
1995 Democrats 206 Republicans 228 Republican gain of 52
1997 Democrats 207 Republicans 226 Democrat gain of 1, Republican loss of 2
1999 Democrats 211 Republicans 223 Democrat gain of 4, Republican loss of 3

That’s a Republican gain of 47.

The difference between the Clinton years and the Obama years is Republicans gained a minimum of 18 more House seats under Obama, possibly as many as 23 more seats.

Source: US House of Representatives
Source: Real Clear Politics

The Obama years
2009 Democrats 60* Republicans 40* (see below-noted source)
2011 Democrats 53* Republicans 47 Republican gain of 7
2013 Democrats 55* Republicans 45 Democrat gain of 2
2015 Democrats 45* Republicans 52 Republican gain of 7, with 3 to be decided. Likely Republican gain of 8 or 9.

That’s a Republican gain of 12 to 14 Senate seats.

The Clinton years
1993 Democrats 57 Republicans 43
1995 Democrats 48 Republicans 52 Republican gain of 9
1997 Democrats 45 Republicans 55 Republican gain of 3
1999 Democrats 45 Republicans 55 No gain

That’s a Republican gain of 12 seats.

The difference between Obama and Clinton in the Senate? Obama hopes it’s a wash, but it’s much more likely that Republicans will gain more Senate seats under Obama than under Clinton.

Source: US Senate
Source: Real Clear Politics

Clearly, the difference between the Obama years and the Clinton years is Republicans gained more seats overall under Obama. And the reason is very clear. When Clinton got shellacked in 1994, he learned. He triangulated. He moved toward the center. He stole Republican agenda items for himself, even items Republicans had to force onto him. And he made the Democrats sound less Socialist and anti-American in the process. Furthermore, Clinton was a much better showman, a much better politician, a much better salesman than Obama could ever be.

Obama learned at the feet of a man who dedicated his book to Satan, a man who set off bombs inside the US in order to attempt to get the US government to bend to his will, two Ivy League professors who suggested the total overburdening of the freebie system to collapse the government budget and usher in Socialism. Obama and Clinton both have been shown incapable of telling the truth, but Clinton can actually make people buy his lies.

Clinton blinked, moved away from the Big Government Socialism he came in with, and the Democrats recovered better than Obama’s “I can’t learn anything from these elections” approach.

The difference between the Clinton years and the Obama years? Americans are not, in general, Socialist.

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Today Is Election Day

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/04

I’m watching live updates on and hoping there’s enough of a wave to clearly repudiate the Socialist agenda of Obama, V to the J, Reid, Pelosi, et al. And I hope it’s not too late to save this once great country from the total destruction Obama and the Socialist Democrats have foisted on it.

So far, at 7:02 pm EST, McConnell is leading Grimes 53 to 44 with 4 percent tallied in what MSNBC called Kansas.
At 7:03, RCP called it. GOP hold in Kentucky, with McConnell leading Grimes 54 to 42, 5 percent tallied.

At 7:18 pm EST, nothing much to report. McConnell leads 56 to 40 with 12 percent tallied. Both SC races have been called for Republicans with no votes counted. New Hampshire, the Republican carpetbagger Brown leads Shaheen 60 to 40 with 0 percent counted. In Virginia, no idea the percent counted due to RCP’s setup not liking 3 people on the line, but Warner the Democrat has 38 percent and the Republican is around 58 percent.

At 7:44 pm EST, RCP has called West Virginia for the Republican candidate, with no vote counted. In Georgia, Republican Perdue leads Nunn 60 to 38. In New Hampshire, Democrat Shaheen leads Brown 57 to 42 with 6 percent counted. In North Carolina, Republican Tillis leads Hagan 51 to 44. In Virginia, Republican Gillespie leads Warner 53 to 43.

8:07 pm EST. Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey Democrat holds, with no votes counted yet. Both Oklahoma seats, Mississippi, Maine, Alabama Republican holds, no votes counted yet. Tennessee Republican hold, with Alexander leading 67 to 26, 0 percent tallied.

8:13 pm EST. In Georgia, Republican Perdue leads Nunn 60 to 38. In Kansas, Republican Roberts leads Orman 69 to 25. In Michigan, Land and Peters are tied at 49 with 0 percent counted. In North Carolina, Democrat Hagan leads Tillis 53 to 43. In New Hampshire, Shaheen leads Brown 55 to 44.
Alright, it’s really pointless to keep running along like this. Maybe I’ll post when RCP calls each race instead. Maybe.

8:26 pm EST. Rhode Island has been called a Democrat hold.

On the Governors side, PA has been called a Democrat pickup, while the Republican is leading in the early count. AL, OH, SC, and TN have all been called Republican holds.

For some reason RCP stopped updating for me. I have switched to FOX

9:25 pm EST. Republican Tom Cotton declared the winner in Arkansas. Democrat Coons wins Delaware. Democrat Peters wins Michigan. Democrat Franken wins Minnesota (really, guys?). Republican Sasse wins Nebraska. Democrat Booker wins New Jersey. Republican Rounds wins South Dakota. Republican Cornyn wins Texas. Republican Enzi wins Wyoming.

9:40 pm EST. Democrat Shaheen wins New Hampshire.

9:54 pm EST. Republican Cory Gardner wins Colorado.

10:05 pm EST. Republican Steve Daines wins Montana.

10:18 pm EST. RCP shows the Senate at R+5, the House at R+2, the Governors at even. Oh, and Abortion Barbie down in Texas? She has been declared a loser with 38.8 percent of the vote so far.

10:38 pm EST. Democrat Tom Udall wins New Mexico.

10:45 pm EST. RCP has called Georgia for Republicans but FOX News has not yet called it. Perdue leads Nunn 57 to 42 with 72 percent in, and a vote count lead of 317k.

10:52 pm EST. RCP has called Kansas for the Republican but FOX News has not yet called it. With 54 percent of the vote counted, Roberts leads 51 to 44 with a 32k vote lead.

10:55 pm EST. FOX News calls Kansas for the Republican.

11:00 pm EST. FOX News calls Georgia for the Republican.

11:05 pm EST. FOX News calls Hawai’i and Oregon for the Democrats and Idaho for the Republican.

11:08 pm EST. In Virginia, Incumbent Democrat Mark Warner’s 49 percent leads Republican Ed Gillespie’s 49 percent by 11k votes. The Libertarian has 53k votes.

11:11 pm EST. In North Carolina, Republican Thom Tillis’ 49 percent leads Incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan’s 47 percent by 46k votes. The Libertarian has 103k votes.

11:23 pm EST. FOX News calls Iowa for Republican Joni Ernst.

11:32 pm EST. North Carolina is a Republican pickup.

In other news, declared winner Incumbent Scott Walker has won his third election for Governor of Wisconsin (including the recall election). Walker leads Democrat Mary Burke by 116k votes, with 68 percent of the vote counted.

With 76 percent of the vote counted, Abortion Barbie trails the wheelchair-bound Greg Abbott 60 to 38, an 866k vote difference.

11:59 pm EST. RCP has the Senate R+7, the House R+8, Governors R+2. That would be a gain of IL, MA, AR Governorships with a loss of PA Governorship. And the Republican is leading in MD, of all places.

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‘Better just be a glitch': Is Texas voting machine leaving Greg Abbott off the ballot? [photo]

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/04

John Hitchcock:

Lots and lots of evidence of voting machine tampering, lots of places! Republicans left off the ballot, Republican votes being counted as Democrat votes. The fertilizer is especially rancid today. Corruption on a national scale.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Wait … what?

Texas ballot

What gives?



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Up the ‘memory hole’? Gov. Jay Nixon sends out the ULTIMATE butt tweet [screenshot]

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/04

John Hitchcock:

Edit: Computer glitch on my side. But this one is funny.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Looks like Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s social media team isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:

Deleted so soon, Governor?

We had the same thought. So here, America. You’re welcome:

Jay Nixon tweet

C’mon, man. Really?

Suuuuure they don’t. Well, we know what happened. Everyone knows.

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Brad Thor has a powerful reminder for Dems seeking ‘compromise’

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/03

John Hitchcock:

Democrats, who refused to compromise with the Republicans, are now calling for compromise since they know they will lose the Senate. And McConnell (who declared war on the TEA Party) will be quick to compromise with the Devil. As will Boehner, who declared the Establishment Republicans were one and the same as the TEA Party.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Democrats must feel their power slipping away if they’re talking about “compromise.” Of course, they will undoubtedly remain uncompromising in the position that only the Republicans need to compromise.

Author Brad Thor has a reminder for people willing to entertain the Democrats’ crocodile tears though.

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You’ll love these responses after Alec Baldwin calls Michelle Malkin ‘contemptible’ in latest Twitter rant

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/02

John Hitchcock:

Man with absolutely repulsive behavior and elitist mentality calls someone contemptible. Self-awareness: zero.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Alec Baldwin is at it again, this time directing his now trademarked hate at Michelle Malkin and her involvement with “Rocky Mountain Heist,” a documentary chronicling recent liberal corruption in Colorado politics. Why so much hate, Alec?

But not all of Baldwin’s readers agree. Check out some of these awesome smackdowns of the perpetually angry homophobe:

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