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Cathedral of San Juan

Posted by DNW on 2013/12/12

We spit in your Christian face

We spit in your Christian face






















I’ve not thoroughly investigated this for the back story, but rather stumbled across it while dealing with another matter.

The proximate source for this was the always provocative Michael Voris of the Catholic site “Church Militant TV”, though it’s been floating around the Internet for almost a month now.

I first came across Voris himself when a militant atheist troll dedicated to disrupting philosopher Professor Edward Feser’s moderate realist oriented blog (Feser is himself a Catholic) , mockingly inserted a link to a Voris polemic as an example of a “Real Catholic”.

The mockery might have backfired on him since although no one could call me a “Catholic in Good Standing” I found Voris’ observations and plain spoken manner of argumentation almost always entertaining, and quite often acute.

Voris’ point was that the people in what he calls the Catholic “Church of Nice” consistently underestimate the vehemence of the anti-Christians.

And I must say, that this event certainly comes as a shock to me. I cannot imagine how it did not break out into violence. Someone spray paint into my face and I would probably kill them in instant retaliation. But then these young men, praying the rosary around the church they were protecting, come from both a different culture, a different religion, and a different spiritual sensibility, than I do.

I’m mortified at what they have endured, but for some reason not contemptuous of them as I would be for those who otherwise passively submit to assault, when they need not endure it.

From YouTube


I don’t know what is going on here. But I have never seen anything like it before.

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Eight Days Of Hannukkah

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2013/11/24

Hannukkah begins on Americans’ Thanksgiving this year. So for you Israelis, American Jews, and Jews worldwide that visit, we give you this song.

What else can you say about a song written by a Mormon Senator from Utah with the music written by a Jewish writer of Christian Contemporary music and sung by a Syrian woman from Indiana with backup vocals by Jewish children and the Mormon Senator other than take a listen and be uplifted?

We here at Truth Before Dishonor are Conservative. We are predominantly Christian. That means beyond any shadow of a doubt we are pro-Israel and pro-Jew. This uplifting Hannukkah song is merely a representation of our love for the Jews and for Israel, and a gift to all who visit, Jew or Gentile.

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Abortion Stories, As Told By Abortion Survivors

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/11/01

From Teen

Gianna Jessen
My name is Gianna Jessen… I was aborted, and I did not die. My biological mother was 7 months pregnant when she went to Planned Parenthood in southern California, and they advised her to have a late-term saline abortion.

A saline abortion is a solution of salt saline that is injected into the mother’s womb. The baby then gulps the solution. It burns the baby inside and out, and then the mother is to deliver a dead baby within 24 hours.

This happened to me! I remained in the solution for approximately 18 hours and was delivered ALIVE… in a California abortion clinic. There were young women in the room who had already been given their injections and were waiting to deliver dead babies. When they saw me the abortionist was not yet on duty and had me transferred to the hospital.

I should be blind, burned… I should be dead! And yet, I live! Due to a lack of oxygen supply during the abortion I live with cerebral palsy.

When I was diagnosed with this, all I could do was lie there. They said that was all I would ever do! Through prayer and hard work by my foster mother, I was walking at age 3 ½ with the help of a walker and leg braces. At that time I was also adopted into a wonderful family. Today I am left only with a slight limp. I no longer have need of a walker or leg braces.

…Death did not prevail over me… and I am so thankful!

Teen Breaks has more stories from abortion survivors. Teen Breaks is ready, willing, and able to help teens out. You don’t have to be pregnant, or even a girl, to reach out to them. They’re there to provide a loving environment, information, and a community of support for you as you are bombarded by pressures and life’s travails. If you’re a “cutter”, cutting yourself to regain a sense of control or to zone out or to get relief from life’s stresses, you’re not alone. 1 in 200 teen girls have done it. Teen Breaks is there for you, ready to help you.

Pregnant and need help?
You can talk with someone by phone, e-mail, text, chat live online or be shown where there is a pregnancy center near you. And remember, everything is confidential and free!

Click above to chat live or text “TEEN” to 313131.

Claire Culwell’s April 2010 story from Stand For Life:

Putting a Face To What You’re Fighting For

By Claire Culwell


A year ago, when I was 21 years old, I met the woman who gave birth to me. I had always dreamed about the day I would meet her, and it NEVER involved the most significant part of it all…learning that I was an ABORTION SURVIVOR.  She was 13 years old when she became pregnant with me and the only option she knew of (according to her mother) was abortion.  She proceeded to go to an abortion clinic nearby where she had an abortion.  A few weeks later she realized she was still pregnant and decided to go to an out-of-state late-term abortion clinic to have a second abortion. During her examination at the late-term abortion clinic, she was told that she had been pregnant with TWINS.  One was aborted, and one survived.  She was also told that it was too late to have even a late-term abortion.  She decided to give me up for adoption when I was born two weeks later.  If you ask her now, she will tell you that if she had known the results of abortion vs. adoption, she would have gone straight to the adoption agency instead.  Putting me up for adoption (and giving me the best family I can imagine) was a life-changing decision for all of us.

Because of the abortion, I was born 2 ½ months premature and weighed 3 lbs 2 oz.  I was on life support and had to stay in the hospital for 2 ½ months until I could be brought home.  My hips were dislocated and my feet were turned (because during the abortion, the sac that held my body together was broken) and when I was brought home I had 2 casts on my feet and a harness. I was put in a body cast for 4 months, and I didn’t walk until I was over 2 years old.  It still affects me even today.

[continue reading at the above link]

And Claire Culwell’s amazing 2011 video:

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Mia Love Uses White Child Slave Labor!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/10/18

What better way for a white person born over a century after slavery was abolished to pay reparations to a black woman born roughly a century after slavery was abolished than to perform slave labor for that black woman?

From Mia Love:

Look at all those young men with “fun bags” (according to Pennsylvania Legislator Babette Josephs, D – Phila)!!!

By the way, normal people call them “responsible, politically astute young adults”. We all know Leftists have all manner of different terms for them, many of which would not survive the moderation filter here at Truth Before Dishonor.

Also note: Truth Before Dishonor officially endorsed Mayor Mia Love for Congress many months ago, prior to her winning her Primary in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.

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Texas Senate Runoff: The Warm-Up

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/07/31

Today is the day that eyes across the nation are looking at Texas. Who will they choose as their next US Senator? (The Democrat nominee will be a sacrificial lamb, with no chance of winning.) Will it be the TEA Party favorite Ted Cruz? Will it be the Establishment choice David Dewhurst? That will be decided later tonight.

Special thanks to Patterico’s Pontifications for showing me the source material for this warm-up.

If you want to know what the TEA Party is fighting for;
If you want to know what the Commonsense Constitutional Conservatives are fighting for;
If you want to know what Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Allen West, Mia Love, Ted Cruz, and a great many others are fighting for;
Then you’re about to find out.

(This could also be considered a Rule 5 For Half-Pints edition.)

Read the rest of this entry »

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If I Wanted America To Fail

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/22

In this age of enhanced political activity among the populace; in this internet age, commercials no longer have to be “TV length”. They can be several minutes long and they’ll be watched. Intentionally watched. By people who have always been plugged in politically and by people who have, out of absolute necessity, have recently plugged in politically. The Gate Keepers may still be keeping the gates locked to the rest of the available information, but those gates no longer have the surrounding walls. Like the Berlin Wall, the information walls have come crashing down. And information-starved people have swept past the still-locked gates the Gate Keepers are still guarding by flowing where the walls used to be instead of where the still-locked gates are. To the dismay of the Liberal Elite.

Here is an example of a not-made-for-TV, several minutes long political ad that people are watching intentionally. An example of how the Gate Keepers are no longer able to restrain the flow of information.

“If I wanted America to fail, I … I suppose I wouldn’t change a thing.” Ain’t that the truth.

Morgen Richmond over at Hot Air said

I don’t think Democrats want America to fail any more than Republicans do…

But then again, there’s that Cloward-Piven strategy being employed, which requires the US to fail in order to complete its endgame.

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A Real Job

Posted by Foxfier on 2012/04/12

….Yeah, I’m posting on that.  Some idiot talking head makes a slam at a grandmother with MS and everyone has to comment about it.  I think I have something worth saying, though, rather than just talking about it because it’s big.

I’m a stay at home mom.  A home-maker.  A house wife.

I have worked outside the home, before I got married, in a very similar field—I was a Petty Officer in the Navy, specializing in calibration. (Making sure things that measure are accurate enough.)  Before that, I was in another similar field, at least sort of—I was a ranch kid.

Perhaps some folks look at those things and are curious—what on earth is the connection between being a mother, working with cows and fixing stuff that’s used to fix planes and ships?

The hours, for one.

All of those jobs are 24/7 on-call, with holidays usually meaning that there’s more work to get done.  Cows don’t stop eating just because it’s Christmas, after all.

The job description being woefully incomplete, for another.

I was a “calibration technician,” as I described earlier.  I also did janitor work, was a security guard, maintained a half-dozen different collateral duties that included things like “mailman” and customer service.

How serious the situation is, for another.  In all of these jobs, if I screw up, a life might be lost—and it’s almost always a hurry-hurry-hurry and wait situation.  The way that if you do it for the pay, there’s a screw loose somewhere.  Probably several more, though I’ll try to avoid making jokes about uniforms.

I don’t know what other folks “hear” when I say I’m a housewife, so I’ll try to lay out what I do, trying to stick to jobs where I actually do everything a civilian counterpart would be expected to do:

Day care, house keeping, laundry lady, cook (not chef— I’m not that good), handyman, secretary, inventory management and procurement.  (explaining that last one: part of managing the house is making sure we never run out of anything, and we don’t pay too much for anything.  I just know about what the normal price is for most of the stuff we use, and I keep our chest freezer nearly full with stuff that’s on sale, be it hams for 99c or frozen veggies for a third of the normal price, knowing what brands are cheap at twice the price and which ones are over-priced if you get them free.)

After the stuff that I do, there’s the stuff we don’t do:

We don’t have to have a second car, or any of upkeep that requires. (It’s a nice-but-not-required.)

We don’t have to eat out or get takeout. (Yes, my husband brown bags it, although he does eat out to socialize sometimes.)

We don’t take days off for appointments or illness, unless TrueBlue is deathly ill.

We don’t fight over who cleans the house.  (unless I need help moving stuff)

We don’t need daycare.

We don’t fight about yard work. (Unless I need Big Strong man to move things or kill a spider)

We don’t fight over laundry and such, or pay to have clothes cleaned.

We don’t have to worry about our kids getting “quality time.”  They get all kinds of quantity time—which also lets us have mom-and-dad time without as much guilt. (Hey, rule #1 of parenting—you will probably find a dozen things to feel guilty about before breakfast.  Not counting breakfast itself.)

We don’t have nearly the stress that double income families seem to have—when TrueBlue gets home, I can give him time to decompress; when I’ve had a horrible day, it’s horrible in different way than he’s had, so my venting doesn’t add to his work related stress.  (Digression: ever notice folks that complain about stay-at-home only talking about kids only want to talk about the office?)

I didn’t take six months off from work to give birth and bond.

K, you’ve made it this far.  Notice something missing?

I didn’t make any judgments about moms who get paychecks.

I bet I still get at least one comment from someone that claims I did, though.  There’s a LOT of guilt tied up in the topic—I’d guess it has to do with the BS we’re told about being able to do everything and do it well.  Every mom I know that doesn’t have a full time paid job sometimes feels guilty about it; every mom I know that spends any time focused on anything that isn’t the kids feels guilty about it.  “Why” is a psychology type question I don’t care to look at too closely, since it’s broad enough to say more about the questioner than the topic.

Being a house wife is a job.  The lack of a paycheck doesn’t change that in the least.  I suspect that if someone looked at the background and prior statements of the woman that started this whole kerfluffle, you’d find a lot of things that are a rejection of her notion of The Way Things Were as represented in the form of whatever she’s rejecting.  Think something like the famous line about hating what they think the Church is about, rather than what the Church actually is.

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A Quote To Remember

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/01/17

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. … When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.

Paul, nee Saul of Tarsus

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Democrat Rulers Despise Democracy

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/12/06

Case in point: Mark Dayton, Democrat Governor of Minnesota.


Background numbers:

Election results:
Mark Dayton garnered 43.6 percent of the vote, far less than a majority, or 919,232 votes.
Tom Emmer, the Republican candidate, gained 43.2 percent of the vote, or 910,462 votes.
The top independent vote-getter was Tom Horner with 11.9 percent of the vote, or 251,487 votes.
(source: Wikipedia)

Political money:
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is number 3 in political contribution money from 1989 to present, giving a total of 46,356,658 dollars to political campaigns. 94 percent of their money goes to Democrat electioneering while only 1 percent (less than 500,000 of their over 46,000,000) goes towards a Republican. Every last dime of union dues comes directly from tax dollars, meaning Conservatives are paying for the Socialist voice.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is number 5 in political contribution money from 1989 to present, giving a total of 37,757,242 dollars to political campaigns. 76 percent of their money goes to Democrat electioneering while only 2 percent (less than 800,000 of their over 37,000,000) goes toward a Republican.
(Source: Open Secrets)

Governor Mark Dayton, against whom over 56 percent of Minnesotans voted, decided he didn’t need no democratic process. He decided he was god of Minnesota and could rule with uncontested power, and give kickbacks to two powerful unions who feed off of tax-payers, despite the fact a clear majority of Minnesotans voted against him. Well, a Minnesota judge ruled against him and his god-like power-grab.

Yes, Mark Dayton, the Democrat/Farm/Labor Party candidate who lost a large majority of the vote but was still elected Governor, decided he was going to write a law and completely bypass the law-writing body of Minnesota who had already rejected his desires. And a Minnesota judge called him out.

Of the 11,000 Minnesota-licensed child-care providers (and why the licensing, other than to get money paid into the state government coffers?), 4,300 get state subsidies. Mark Dayton, who despises the democrat process, decided to write an executive order requiring an election process for unionization of those 4,300 providers. And SEIU and AFSCME loved it! Because that was something they absolutely want. Well, a judge said the Governor cannot write law; that’s up to the Legislature. And the judge put a temporary restraining order on the god of Minnesota. Poo-poo SEIU, the Socialist purple people beaters. Poo-poo AFSCME, the Socialists. Poo-poo Mark Dayton (D) who thinks himself god. And hooray for Constitutional separation of powers, which once again defeated a Democrat who necessarily hates actual democracy.

Source: Hot Air

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Eight Days Of Hannukkah

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/12/03

My Lights of the Season series is never complete without Eight Days of Hannukkah. All three Seasons now, with this publishing, the song has been included. It was very late the first year, but I’ve made up for that. Here’s what I wrote on Common Sense Political Thought (a now archive-only site which is definitely good for research) last year (with a YouTube substitute for a Vimeo video):

I missed out on marking Hannukah last year, posting my article in early January. Well, Hannukah is quickly approaching, December 2 – 9, so I’m putting out my Hannukah article this year on time. (Yes, it’s a reprint of the last one, with a couple minor changes.)

That moonbat Jeff and his Opinions Nobody Asked For site has a wonderful article that I wish I saw during the season but I didn’t so I’m posting it now even though it’s late and is this a long enough run-on sentence for you yet? Okay, Jeff’s article is good, maybe not wonderful, but he leads to a wonderful article and provides a very uplifting song that I quite enjoy.

What else can you say about a song written by a Mormon Senator from Utah with the music written by a Jewish writer of Christian Contemporary music and sung by a Syrian woman from Indiana with backup vocals by Jewish children and the Mormon Senator other than take a listen and be uplifted?

We here at Truth Before Dishonor are Conservative. We are predominantly Christian. That means beyond any shadow of a doubt we are pro-Israel and pro-Jew. This uplifting Hannukkah song is merely a representation of our love for the Jews and for Israel, and a gift to all who visit, Jew or Gentile.

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I clicked on a link

Posted by DNW on 2011/12/02

I don’t have time to involve myself in a research project at the moment. But this is a rather puzzling matter.

I don’t know quite what to make of it.

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Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/11/26

(Notice: Multiple disjointed paragraphs covering various subjects within the same topic to follow.)

As you may have heard, I recently got a job. This article will be discussing various subjects regarding that job, without discussing the actual business end itself. You won’t know what I do or for whom I work, but you’ll get a feel for other matters.

The job I work runs 24/7, which means there are four different 12-hour rotating shifts, three days (or nights) one week and four days (or nights) the next. I am away from home 14.5 to 15 hours per day when I’m scheduled to work, meaning my days/nights off are spent in recovery sleep mode. And that’s fine with me. I’ve worked 12-hour shifts on previous jobs. But being sedentary by nature on my time off, I don’t get the opportunity to do much else.

The business where I work utilizes two different temp-to-hire formats: their own in-house temp service which starts out at 10 dollars per hour and an outside temp service which starts out at 8 dollars per hour. Lucky me, I got to go through the outside service. C’est la vie, c’est la guerre. Part of the temp-to-hire program is completing an “A” packet to become an “A” operator (the bottom of the full-time status, contrary to my previous job where my “A” operator status was the top). You cannot get hired in full-time without its completion. With the outside temp service, once the “A” packet is completed there is a 50 cent raise in pay, and at the end of three months, full-time at 10.25 (2.5 percent raise expected at the beginning of the year). With the inside temp service, full-time status is reached at the end of six weeks. Through both means, the vast majority of temps are in their early 20s. This will be important to remember.

The company does not have Shift Supervisors or Department Supervisors. There are other names for it (abbreviated to TL and RRL respectively), and other responsibilities. It is much more team oriented and much more familial. If the boss wears a t-shirt and jeans instead of a tie and trousers and has his own gloves instead of a manicure, it is very difficult to create the proletariat/bourgeoisie combative, adversarial, class struggle atmosphere which is a requirement for today’s Liberalism/Communism/Socialism (in the end, it’s all the same) to survive or even get a foot-hold.

I am having difficulties getting my “A” packet completed but have been assured that when the time comes, they will “do what’s necessary” to have it completed. Of course, this means my pay raise will be much later than necessary. But it’s actually because I’m too good as opposed to not good enough. While the company has been in business at that location for over 30 years without ever having a lay-off, it has been bought several times, the last time very recently. Another plant elsewhere in the state was closed and its machinery moved to this location. That has meant each of the 4 shifts have had sudden increases in size, from about 26 employees per shift (plus the “day shift” of administrative personnel) to about 54 employees per shift. And the new-to-the-plant machinery is much older and much less automated than the old-to-the-plant machinery, and is much more problematic in bringing on-line.

The “new” equipment requires people who are much faster and more efficient than the “old” equipment. And therein lies the rub. While the people there consider the “new” equipment work to be fast-paced, it doesn’t hold a candle to the pace I needed for the job I held the vast majority of the previous decade (April 2000 to November 2008). Granted, it’s non-stop motion and busy, busy, busy. But it doesn’t qualify as “fast paced” from my own experience. I’ve only worked a day and a half on the “old” equipment, the rest of the time being on the “new” equipment — which hasn’t gotten all the gremlins eradicated. That means two things: 1) I cannot get the “new” equipment items checked off in the “A” packet, and 2) the RRL who needs to check off the “old” equipment items is too busy working to eradicate the gremlins to check off my “A” packet.

The TL, the RRL for the “new” equipment, the RRL for the “old” equipment, the operators of the new and old equipment have all noted my speed, initiative in finding work to do when the machines go down, and overall lack of need for any supervision at all. And whichever machine I’ve worked with, the operator for that machine wanted me to be assigned there (and for whoever was assigned there to be reassigned elsewhere). But since the “new” equipment that I don’t want to be on and have been on almost exclusively needs the faster workers, I have not had much luck in getting on the “old” equipment where I prefer to be.

While it is possible to handle my job on two lines at once on the “old” machines, it is necessary to have two people per line on the “new” machines. And that causes another problem. I’m stuck on the “new” machines, and 90 percent of the time, I’m carrying the weight of the other person (who is in his or her early 20s while I’m in my mid 40s) on my back while I’m doing the work. I absolutely do not mind working hard for my pay. I absolutely hate carrying someone else, especially when that someone else is making 2 dollars an hour more than me to do the same job. The RRLs and operators have noticed, with one RRL talking to multiple people about it (I heard second-hand because she has not once talked to me about it). “I wish John could give some of his energy to the other people he’s working with, to even it out more.”

So I’m getting noticed by all the right people. I’m noticed for my speed and “rewarded” by being put where nobody wants to be, but because it requires much more speed and constant attention (and lots more frustration due to all the gremlins). And my 50 cent pay raise will come later than other, slower, less attentive, people who show less initiative (at least one of whom has already gotten it, having been hired in exactly 1 month ago along with me).

One such slow 23-year-old was working with me on the “new” machine (my carrying over 70 percent of the load). And he is quite indicative of his generation (a product of his environment).

Now would be a good time to describe the difference between new and old, and my responsibilities. Think “I Love Lucy”. Remember when Lucy and Ethyl were in the chocolate factory and chocolates were running down the conveyor belt? That is the example I’m going to use to describe it, but I don’t at all work in the food industry.

On both the old and the new, the chocolates are put in boxes called chips, then a certain number of chips are put in cartons. Those cartons are then palletized, stretch-wrapped, and placed on a conveyor.

The old equipment opens the chips, puts the chocolates in the chips, seals the chips, sends the chips down a conveyor where they are inspected for quality and passed on to the cartoner, which opens the cartons, puts the correct number of chips in the cartons, tapes the cartons and spits the cartons out onto another conveyor for palletizing. In this circumstance, my job is to retrieve the chips from the staging area, feed the chip feeder chips, get the cartons from the staging area, feed the cartoner cartons, inspect the chips for quality, palletize the cartons, stretch-wrap the pallets, take the pallets to another conveyor. It is possible for me to handle two lines at once.

The new equipment sends the chocolates down a conveyor for the operator to place in chips, as the separate chip feeder opens the chips, seals the chips, sends the chips out onto a long table, then the operator opens the cartons, places the appropriate number of chips in the cartons, sends the cartons through the taper which spits the cartons out onto a conveyor, where the operator palletizes the cartons. My job (which requires two people) is to retrieve the chips from the staging area and feed the chip-feeder, place the chocolates in the chips, retrieve the cartons from the staging area and place them under the table where the chip-feeder spits the sealed chips out, open the cartons, place the appropriate number of chips in the cartons, close the cartons, send the cartons through the taper, take the cartons off the conveyor and palletize them, stretch-wrap the pallets, take the pallets to another conveyor. With the new equipment, one person is filling the chips while the other is filling the cartons.

Working on the “new” equipment, when I am filling the cartons, I also fill the chip-feeder, get the chips and cartons, palletize and stretch-wrap the cartons, take the completed pallets over to the next conveyor, while making sure no chips fall off the table. When I am filling the chips, I also fill the chip-feeder, get the chips, make sure no chips fall off the table as the 23-year-old is stretch-wrapping and moving the completed pallets. While the jobs are supposed to rotate every hour, or at least every two hours, I spend 8 to 12 hours filling the chips (a much more busy position, even when evenly balanced). And my work ethic is noticed by all the right people (but not necessarily by the 23-year-old who lets me carry his load with mine).

There was an occasion where the 23-year-old came in and replaced another who was filling the cartons. The other person had left the carton conveyor full of cartons when he left, so the 23-year-old had to gossip with me about that. While I was taking the “chocolates” off the conveyor and placing them in the chips, he stood between the chip feeder and me in order to maliciously gossip about the other person. “Look at how your boy left you.” I had to shove him out of the way to fill the chips — which were rolling by — with the “chocolates” — which were also rolling by. Once I got to a stage where I was caught up,
I stepped down to the table where he was filling the cartons with chips. I then told him “First off, nobody is my boy, period. Second off, if you cannot talk to me without getting in my way, don’t talk to me.” His response? “You need to respect me!” As if respect is a right granted to him (which he doesn’t need to grant others) instead of something earned. Product of his environment.

I had the opportunity to work alongside a girl of roughly the same (23 year old) age. (Sorry, folks, but if you’re 23, you’re not yet a man or woman. You’re too inexperienced. You’re still a boy or girl.) The difference between him and her? She’s married and has children while he’s still single. And that, I believe, makes a big difference. When she doesn’t have someone she likes around to chat her up, she’s attentive to the job. Still slow and less able to do the task than me, but much more attentive and with a higher work ethic. But when someone’s chatting her up, she becomes inattentive. With nobody else around, we work about 60-40 or 55-45, where I carry the bulk of the load. But that split is much more (grudgingly) acceptable to me.

She and I have had a few conversations while we worked, with one such conversation being specifically about him. She brought it up. She told me that he told her that I refused to talk to him. (Gossipy enough for you?) I then explained the above incident where he got in my way in order to gossip about someone else, preventing me from doing my job. I told her “if you can’t talk to me without getting in my way, don’t talk to me.” She chuckled about that. I also told her how he demanded my respect without ever having earned it first. She seemed to partially understand. Further in the conversation, speaking in general terms and sort of about him, I said “If you can’t talk and work at the same time, work.” She got a big laugh out of that one.

Like him, she is a product of her environment. But unlike him, her environment includes the responsibility of being a spouse and a parent. That, I believe, is what helps her to be more attentive to the job and more capable of handling the job, albeit not up to appropriate standards as yet.

And what environment am I talking about? “The most important person in the world to you is you and you hardly even know you.” That insidious 1970s TV jingle. The Leftist-run public education system which is so fearful of harming the feelings of the children that it cannot demand the children actually accomplish anything, but rather tells the children they deserve a great self-worth without credentials, a great amount of respect from others without any deeds or character traits worthy of respect. That is the environment I am talking about. Today’s twenty-somethings are a product of the Liberal public education system and the Liberal State University system where self-respect and self-worth are completely divorced from accomplishments of any sort, any abilities, or any Personal Responsibility. And the 23-year-old boy’s attitudes are indicative of that.

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Leftist Reading List Too Left For Leftist Journalist

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/11

HT Hot Air Headlines

Eric Alterman wrote an article about himself and his daughter in The Jewish Daily Forward, and the title and sub-header tell more than enough.

To Test Beliefs, Listen to the Other Guy’s

Aghast at Kid’s Lefty Reading List, Even Nation Columnist Sees Red

Well, the previous evening I took a look at the proposed reading list, which leaned, believe it or not, heavily communist. I swear I am not making this up. The most right-wing people on the list — not including Joe McCarthy and Dick Cheney, whom I assume will not be taught sympathetically — were Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. The furthest left? Well, it’s hard say. Paul Robeson? Angela Davis? Mumia Abu-Jamal? Michael Moore? It was like a “Saturday Night Live” sketch version of what Tea Party-types think about Upper West Side Jews. So I asked the teacher a Republican-sounding question: “What would you say to a parent who wanted his child be to exposed to a conservative point of view?” (Actually, looking at the list, I would have settled for a liberal one.)

When a journalist finds a list of authors and declares Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be on the Right side of the political spectrum in said list, there’s a HUGE problem. And even the Leftist journalist sees there’s a problem. But really, Eric, we could’ve already told you there was a problem with radical Leftist indoctrination in the schools. Actually, we have been telling you that for many years; you’re only just now seeing it because you have a daughter being indoctrinated and the Ivory Tower Cult has been so used to having its own way that it has gotten too egregious even for you.

But, hey, welcome to the club. Care to help fix the problem with the national stage you have?

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Union Bosses Doing What Union Bosses Do

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/11

Mike Antonucci has an article in Hot Air’s Green Room dealing with the teachers Unions trying to bring down Ohio’s new collective bargaining Law. The National Education Association plans to spend 5 million in Ohio, matching the Ohio Education Association’s planned 5 million. That’s huge money and that’s all tax-payer dollars, since the Union dues collected come from salaries paid by tax-payers. But that’s not the point of this article.

Mike Antonucci explains how some of that money has been gotten:

This contribution is in addition to the estimated $5 million the Ohio Education Association dedicated to the referendum campaign, funded by a $54 special assessment the state union imposed on its members.

That’s thuggery, highway robbery, Ruling Class authoritarianism. There are a good many teachers in the OEA that don’t want a single thing to do with the Liberal agenda and don’t want a single dime of their Union dues (and that’s what this is, although the OEA got around calling it dues by using technicalities) spent on Liberal political agenda items. But what choice do the teachers have? Ohio is a closed-shop state; therefore, the teachers either join the Union and pay the dues or they quit.

What the OEA has done is very typical Union Boss behavior: stolen money from their victim in order to go buy a knife they plan to drive into their victim’s heart. The time is long past for all closed-shop requirements nationwide to be outlawed, and until they are, expect more of the same from the Union Bosses.

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Unions Plan Recall Governor Walker Petition Drive

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/11

Allahpundit notes Wisconsin Democrats are planning their “Recall Scott Walker” petition drive, which will start November 15 this year. This is really about Democrats trying to save their Union cash cow. And rest assured, Unions will be pumping in millions of dollars in this effort. Including Public Employee Unions, which derive all their dues from tax-payer dollars. This isn’t about the people or the children. This is about Union power, Union money, Union greed, Union graft, Union monopoly.

For some background information:
US Census Bureau data on Wisconsin (with some calculation on my part):
2010 Population 5,686,986
2009 Population 18 or older 4,367,605
2009 per capita income 26,447
US Census Bureau “per capita income” explained:

Per capita income is the mean money income received in the past 12 months computed for every man, woman, and child in a geographic area. It is derived by dividing the total income of all people 15 years old and over in a geographic area by the total population in that area. Note — income is not collected for people under 15 years old even though those people are included in the denominator of per capita income. This measure is rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

(Go to the link for the full explanation.)
If all income was earned by those 18 or over, and the per capita income limited to only those 18 or over, the total per capita would be 34,436.

Some of the money the Unions have already spent in Wisconsin, dealing with the new Law, which is saving Wisconsin tax-payers huge sums of money:
Wisconsin Unions’ lobbying efforts for the first six months of 2011:
The top 4 lobbying organizations, all Unions, (out of 707 lobbying organizations) spent 6.3 million in lobbying Wisconsin Government.

Unsurprisingly, Governor Walker’s budget repair bill’s AB 11 and SB 11 were the most lobbied bills during the first half of the year receiving 22,311 hours. The top four spots among those organizations who spent the most money on lobbying are the Wisconsin AFL-CIO ($2,302,171), WEAC [WI teachers' union] ($2,062,716), AFSCME Council 11 [Public Employee Union] ($1,228,811), and AFSCME International [Public Employee Union] ($694,422).

AFSCME, WEAC, AFL-CIO alone combined for nearly 9 million on the recall efforts. That doesn’t include NEA, AFT, SEIU, all Public Employee Unions who spent large on the recall efforts.

Money Wisconsinites have saved:
School District Health Insurance savings by leaving WEA Trust (the Wisconsin teachers union’s own health insurance provider):
Hartland-Lakeside School District 690,000 (over 25 percent reduction in Health Insurance premiums)
Pewaukee School District 378,000
Menomonee Falls School District 1.3 million
More districts noted by the MacIver Institute (pdf):
Baraboo School District 660,000
Hartford School District 535,000
Kimberly School District 821,000

And those aren’t all the schools leaving WEA Trust, and not nearly all the schools reducing health insurance premiums due to the new Law. So the Public Employee Union is losing a massive chunk of money off one of its cash cows, but the school districts and tax payers are saving a ton of cash. Because Free Market competition was introduced to the Health Insurance industry provided to schools. Wasn’t one of the reasons for ObamaCare the plan to bend the Health Insurance cost curve down? Well, Conservative Free Market principles (the opposite of ObamaCare) are proving to do just that.

Estimates of statewide school district savings due to the new Law exceed 161 million. Over 500 per student in savings.

George Will explained the grave concern Wisconsin Unions have:

And teachers unions may no longer automatically deduct dues from members’ paychecks. After Colorado in 2001 required public employees unions to have annual votes reauthorizing collection of dues, membership in the Colorado Association of Public Employees declined 70 percent. In 2005, Indiana stopped collecting dues from unionized public employees; in 2011, there are 90 percent fewer dues-paying members. In Utah, the end of automatic dues deductions for political activities in 2001 caused teachers’ payments to fall 90 percent. After a similar law passed in 1992 in Washington state, the percentage of teachers making such contributions declined from 82 to 11.

Rest assured, Wisconsin Public Employee Unions have already seen a marked drop-off in Union dues, a drop-off that
will only increase over time. This is the reason the Unions will be spending millions more trying to recall Governor Walker. The loss of their Union Dues cash cow on top of the loss of their Union-owned Health Insurance cash cow. It has nothing to do with the people or the children and everything to do with Union power, Union money, Union greed, Union graft, Union monopoly.

But the residents of Wisconsin are saving over 161 million dollars on school expenses alone. That doesn’t include the tax-dollars saved at the State, County, Municipality levels. Savings of over 500 per student, nearly 40 per tax-payer — in school budget savings alone; much more when all savings are added in. Schools going from deficit spending to surplus cash.

Yes, this battle is all about Democrats trying to rescue their cash cow at the expense of the people who pay the bills and about Unions trying to rescue their cash cows at the expense of the people who pay the bills, and nothing about the tax-payers or the children. And it comes at a time when Barack Obama is on the ropes and in desperate need of cash for his own campaign; a time when Democrats nationwide are sinking and being dragged down by Barack Obama and in desperate need of cash for their own campaigns; a time when We the People have soured on the Unions and their thuggery (violence, threats of violent murders, destruction of property, lawlessness).

This battle the Democrats and Unions are fighting against the People is going to cost Democrats and Unions dearly in terms of cash lost when they have a dwindling supply and power lost in terms of elections lost that may have been won if not for the millions being diverted to another Wisconsin recall effort.

Professor Jacobson adds this:

This is the fight they have been looking for, but it really is the fight we should have been looking for. The recall effort will be a referendum on whether there is any hope of taking back government from public sector employee unions, and whether a swing state is more interested in growing the economy or growing unions.

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